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Vodacom Group to sell its Angolan operations and assets

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Vodacom Group to sell its Angolan operations and assets
Vodacom Group to sell its Angolan operations and assets.

On Friday, 21 June 2019, Vodacom Group announced that it has entered into an agreement with Internet Technologies Angola (ITA), one of the largest independent network providers in Angola.

The deal set out requires ITA to purchase Vodacom Business Africa’s Angolan operations and assets. The two entities are in the process of concluding the agreements, which are subject to the approvals of the regulatory authorities within these markets.

The transaction is in conjunction with Vodacom Group’s new repositioning strategy in Africa — the focus of which has been to grow and strengthen its core business. The group will no longer directly service global enterprise customers in these markets but will rather continue to operate as a local pan-African telecommunications network provider.

“Vodacom has a clear vision for strengthening our position as a leading pan-African business and will work with local service providers to grow in these markets,” says Shameel Joosub, CEO of Vodacom Group.  

He adds, “crucially, Vodacom is not exiting any of the territories related to this transaction and remains focused on continuing to deliver exceptional service to our global and multinational clients in these markets through long-term commercial agreements.”

Joosub concludes by saying, “to support the sustainable growth of pan African digital economies and building connected societies, Vodacom will, via local service providers, continue to service clients in each market. We seek to leverage our collective strengths to meet the changing requirements of clients across each of these markets.”

Rolf Mendelsohn, CEO of ITA says “ITA has a proven track record with partner relationships both locally and abroad, with a specific focus on the African continent. Building concrete and mutually beneficial partner networks are crucial to providing reliable telecommunications solutions to the enterprise business sector. ITA has nurtured a long-standing and committed relationship with Vodacom. This agreement further empowers ITA to strengthen its core business provisioning: reliable and sustainable yet flexible service offerings to its local and multinational clients.”

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