Hello Paisa makes it to Inclusive Fintech 50 club

A catch up with Hello Paisa since the launch of its digital bank
Ahmed Cassim, the Managing Director of Hello Paisa. (image source: Hello Group (@hellogroupsa) Twitter)
Hello Paisa makes it to Inclusive Fintech 50 club
Hello Paisa has been included in the inaugural Inclusive Fintech 50 club.

International money remittance and digital banking provider, Hello Paisa has been selected from over 400 hopeful applicants and placed among the globe’s top 50 fintechs. The judging panel consisted of industry experts across venture capital, banking, fintech and other sectors.

Each of the 50 winners named were selected based on their achievements and impact which demonstrates the power that financial inclusion has in the global effort to expand access, usage and quality of financial services, across both advanced and emerging markets.

Based on their local insights, Hello Paisa identified that the cost of remitting funds from South Africa was too expensive, takes too long and – in some cases – there were no legal means available. The company stepped up in finding a practical solution. Making use of industry-leading technology, as well as partnering with the globe’s most reputable partners, the company was successful in their lobbying efforts with regulators. The result was the company’s popular platform, geared towards driving down costs of international remittance and creating a means through which users can safely and legally send funds around the world.

In May 2019, Hello Paisa launched its digital banking offering in partnership with Sasfin Bank Limited to service yet another need of its loyal customers.

According to Ahmed Cassim, the Managing Director of Hello Paisa, “For the past four years, Hello Paisa has thrived on the principle of doing well, and doing good. Fundamentally, we are a community company focused on empowering people, and creating a culture of social enterprise utilising technology as a catalyst. We have changed lives, through offering our customers a SIM card to call their families, remittance solutions to send money home, and now we are embarking on the next chapter of offering a bank account to keep their money safe and a debit card to transact – anywhere and everywhere.”

The complete list of winners can be found at www.inclusivefintech50.com/winners.

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