Cisco Collaboration gives AI boost to Jabber users

June 12, 2019 • Artificial Intelligence, Online & Social, Top Stories

Cisco Collaboration gives AI boost to Jabber users

In March, Cisco announced People Insights for Webex Meetings.

Kicking off day 2 on Tuesday, 11 June at Cisco Live US 2019 currently taking place in San Diego, California, the company revealed that it is unifying its portfolio in a bid to improve user collaboration.

It was announced that popular application Jabber will now look and feel like Webex Teams and the AI-driven People Insights will be available across portfolio—calling, messaging, meetings, and even Jabber.

The tech giant said all its devices are now on the same operating system and that all of its apps have improved interoperability. Cisco says that “unified experience” is great for IT teams because it helps them transition thousands of users to the cloud whenever the time is right, without having to plan for lots of training.

“We don’t want you to be frustrated or distracted when you switch between your collaboration tools. Everything should be where you want it to be. In fact, it shouldn’t feel like you’re switching anything at all when you move from a phone call to, say, a video meeting or to a team app to get up to speed on that big project,” the company said.

With the facial recognition capability, the video appears with the name/title labels of people. Remote people do not have to guess is in the big conference room filled with new faces.

“Cognitive Collaboration is a game changer for Cisco customers across all industries,” said Amy Chang, SVP and GM, Collaboration Technology Group, Cisco. “When we enable people to collaborate from wherever they are in a way that’s intuitive, easy and smart, we make their work and life experiences better and more productive.”

In March this year, Cisco announced People Insights for Webex Meetings which provides professional insights (based on publicly available information) about the people and companies you’re meeting with.

“We’re going to keep bringing customers layer after layer of rich intelligence and context, while also making sure we provide the best, most seamless experience, across our entire portfolio,” said Chang. “We’re delivering technology that works smoothly together and is backed by intelligence and business insights. Our customers are going to enjoy massively personalized experiences that will transform the way they work.”

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