A new app matches employers with job seekers

Ryan Oettle, MD of MrEmply
Ryan Oettle, MD of MrEmply
A screenshot of the MrEmploy app
A screenshot of the MrEmploy app

A new app called MrEmploy has been released in South Africa to help employers find the right people for their company and for job seekers to find employment. The app eliminates a number of processes associated with the standard job-seeking process by linking candidates with employers, which fast-tracks the shortlist and the interview process.

“MrEmploy is an advanced smart matching system that speeds up recruiting. For employers, it saves time and reduces the risk of hiring the wrong person, while for employees, it links them to the kinds of jobs they are best suited to,” says Ryan Oettle, Managing Director of MrEmploy.

When looking for a job on MrEmploy, a job seeker creates a profile which includes a standardised micro CV, as well as a photograph and a 15-second video. Oettle describes this process as “quick and intuitive.” “Candidates only see the jobs they qualify for and they ‘thumbs-up’ the positions they are interested in. The prospective employer receives a notification and can scan the job seeker’s profile and view the candidate’s video in just a few seconds,” Oettle continues.

With regards to the features of the app, Oettle said “The short intro video is incredibly powerful because it gives employers a real sense of whether the candidate will fit the culture and nature of their business. It’s an opportunity to make a great first impression. MrEmploy provides enough information for employers to decide whether or not they want to meet a candidate. We save employers’ time that they would have spent sifting through CVs and doing telephonic interviews, as well as those unnecessary early face-to-face meetings.”

MrEmploy is designed for businesses of any size in industries such as food, retail, sales and entertainment. Any company, however, can take advantage of the application. The application is targeted at young job-seekers, as many of South Africa’s job-seeking individuals have access to smartphones.

When using the app, job applicants can select up to five positions. The app takes many factors into consideration, such as transport, gender, language, salary and location, and then assigns an applicability score. Both the job applicant and the employer have to ‘thumbs up’ each other. Oettle says that applicants that find jobs, as well as positions that are filled, are instantly removed from the app.

There are currently no costs for employees who create a profile on MrEmploy. Employers, however, pay R100 per job position that they upload. “We are not a threat to traditional recruitment agencies who have started working with us to streamline and fast-track their processes,” Oettle clarifies.

MrEmploy was created by a group of employers who became frustrated with the traditional job application process. There are currently 70 employers and 1200 job applicants currently using the app.

MrEmploy is available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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