The tech advancement in find a Plumber near Me Services

April 9, 2019 • General

The tech advancement in find a Plumber near Me Services

The tech advancement in find a Plumber near Me Services.

Technology has infiltrated every aspect of life, and this includes plumbing. Find a plumber near me services have become less intrusive and more effective.

The latest technological developments in plumbing have taken the industry by storm. Improved methods of detecting a faulty plumbing system have made find a plumber near me services fruitful and sustainable.

Advanced Techniques to Expect from Find a Plumber near Me Services

High Definition CCTV Cameras for Drain Survey

Blockages and leaks are one of the common reasons most people try to find a plumber near me. Thanks to tech advancement, resolving this issue has become easier.

Plumbers can now conduct a fully comprehensive CCTV drain survey. The high definition cameras are connected to the plumber’s phone making it possible to identify problems quickly and efficiently.

The CCTV drain survey helps the plumber assess the structural condition of a drain or sewer before taking any action. It eliminates guesswork and unnecessary damage to your property.

Thermal Imaging

Plumbers can now use thermal imaging technology to produce a detailed report of the object of focus without causing damage to your property.

Thermal imaging is a technique that generates an image of normally invisible infrared light produced by objects caused by heat or lack of heat in the object.

It is a non-invasive technique that can detect issues efficiently. For instance, trapped moisture as a result of leaks on a flat roof shows up as warmer areas after the sun has set.

Besides diagnosing how you may be losing heat in your home, it detects electrical components that are in the verge of failing and thus prevent possible inconveniences.

Smart Plumbing You can add to Your Home

Smart Water Heater

The energy saving capabilities of a smart water heater reduces your bills. It comes with a built-in leak detection that sends you an alert at the slightest leak or breakage.

It is capable of learning your habit such that it can heat water at your usual time even before you set it. Alternatively, you can personalize your hot water schedule via its touchscreen interface.

With Wi-Fi or 5 G wireless signals, you can connect your water heater to your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. You can then interact with your water heater such as turning it on and off from any location.


BrainPipes is a smart home automation plumbing system that monitors your entire home. It quickly detects a leak in your plumbing system and sends you an alert on its exact location. BrainPipes works by keeping the main water supply in an off position and only opens upon request.

Every water-using device in your house is installed with a water flow detection sensor. For instance, when you open a tap, the sensor communicates with the system to open the water supply.

In case of leakage, the system detects a loss in water pressure and sends off the alarm system. It then shuts off the main water supply until the plumbing issue is resolved.

With the latest technological improvements in the plumbing industry, you are sure to have a less need for “find a plumber near me services”, and when you do, the experience is bound to be more pleasant.
Purchase smart devices such as a smart water heater and BrainPipes. The convenience and savings that result from these investments are worthwhile.

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