Linum Labs hosts Africa’s first ETHGlobal hackathon

Linum Labs hosts Africa's first ETHGlobal hackathon
Linum Labs hosts Africa’s first ETHGlobal hackathon

Community members, both local and international, will converge at The Lookout in April to attend the first ETHGlobal hackathon on the African continent.

ETHCapeTown, hosted by ETHGlobal and Linum Labs, is designed as a hands-on event that encourages participants to stay as focused as possible to develop their concepts into actionable solutions. The occasion will be inclusive and educational, inspiring communities through the creative design of blockchain applications.

Hackathons are becoming increasingly popular platforms as a means to teach new skills, bring a fresh perspective to business challenges, strengthen developer communities, and push the limits of new technologies.

ETHCapeTown brings people together in a way that allows participants to learn new things from others directly. Leading minds within the blockchain space will join over 200 international hackers, developers and curious minds to collaborate in building decentralised applications using Ethereum.

“Ethereum development is growing fast, and it’s valuable for the developer community in Cape Town to get together, discuss ideas, and push the envelope on what they themselves can do. And this is one of the goals of the hackathon – to simply give developers a place and time to build what they want to and see where their ideas take them,” says Kartik Talwar of ETHGlobal.

“We believe creative outcomes appear when there is collaboration from diverse groups. The developers from Cape Town will get a chance to see some of the latest tools being built by the global ethereum community, and the hackathon will help highlight Cape Town as a growing tech hub.”

Creating a space where vast amounts of diverse skillsets and different disciplines can merge together under one roof, has become proven grounds for new ideas.

“The ETHCapeTown hackathon is again proving how Cape Town is pioneering the way forward for innovation in Africa. The city’s local tech hub is alive, thriving and hungry to grow and position itself as a leading destination for emerging technologies,” says Devon Krantz of Linum Labs.

“One of the most notable things we’ve noticed in the space is the incredible capacity at which developers utilise new tools during time-sensitive environments at hackathons to deliver decentralised solutions that can have real-world impact.”

Vitalik Buterin, the Russian-Canadian math genius responsible for creating Ethereum, has been confirmed as the first official judge for ETHCapeTown 2019.

Not only will participants be exposed to some of the leading minds within the blockchain space, but they will also have the opportunity to win prizes for the work that they produce at ETHCapeTown.

If you are in Cape Town between April 19th-21st and would like to participate in the hackathon, apply here.

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