Google+ says goodbye to consumers on April 2

January 31, 2019 • Online & Social, Top Stories

Google+ says goodbye to consumers on April 2

Google+ says goodbye to consumers on April 2

Google has announced that it will be shutting down Google+ for consumers on April 2.

It comes as no surprise that the service is shutting down considering that Google confirmed its plans a while ago. Only now there is a set date to prep for.

April 2nd will see the deletion of Google+ pages, photos, videos, and everything else on the site. The service as you know it will cease to exist, so downloading anything you wouldn’t want to lose is critical. There is are detailed download instructions to make the process less painful.

Developers need to take note that in addition to the general consumer shutdown, all Google+ APIs will be shutting down on the 7th of March. This includes Google+ Sign-in and requests for Google+ OAuth scopes. Google+ integrations for web or mobile apps are also being shut down. The most commonly used APIs affected by the shutdown are:

  • Google+ REST API
  • Google+ Web API
  • Google+ Android SDK
  • Google+ Domains API
  • Google+ Pages API

Google+ accounts for businesses are fine though. Accounts will remain active for those who use Google+ as part of G Suite. This goes for educational institutions, businesses that pay for G Suite, and any other organisations that make use of these enterprise-grade features. If you’re unsure about your G Suite status, simply check to see if you apply.

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