New Vodacom World brings latest technology trends to life

New Vodacom World brings latest technology trends to life
New Vodacom World brings latest technology trends to life.

New Vodacom World brings latest technology trends to life
New Vodacom World brings latest technology trends to life.

The newly designed Vodacom World officially launches today, Friday 07 December 2018. For six months, Vodacom worked on reinventing Vodacom World and now the facility offers new and exciting technologies.

Inside the new facility, there is a Vodacom Shop as well as retail space. There is an Internet of Things (IoT) section where customers can get to experience an IoT environment and see the types of IoT products currently available in the market. Vodacom aims to bring in the latest products depending on what is trending.

“This is a project that we have been embarking on since we broke ground and we have been planning for a year before that. This is something really exciting, it is something transformational and we sat down with Vodacom World to build the biggest cellular mall in the world. Today, we give you the biggest digital telecoms mall in the world,” said Vodacom CEO, Shameel Joosub.

What to expect

Connection Labs, Kids Zone, Theatre for Ted X and Training Labs, these are some of the things you can expect from the new and revamped Vodacom World. The new facility, which was unveiled to the media earlier this week, is 6 000 square meters. In the mall, Vodacom’s full services are on display from video and gaming offerings as well as music offerings.

“Inside there is the latest technology in the telecoms industry from fibre to smartphones, to the latest IoT devices. IoT is one of the biggest areas of focus. We have a bigger mission to double our customer base. Today, we have 110 million customers across the continent, we’re now looking for our next 100 million customers and IoT plays a big part on that,” said Joosub.

Consumers will see all the latest gadgets, drones and will be able to purchase all of these.

“This is our flagship, our home and we are bringing to life the different technologies. When consumers come to Vodacom World they will be able to not only experience the technology, but they can also learn about them,” he added.

Learning and interacting

Vodacom took things to the next level with the Kids Zone, in this area, not only will kids learn how to code, they will unleash the artist in them. The new Vodacom World has a wall where kids develop their drawing skills while their parent’s shop – this zone will not only be a place of learning but entertainment too. Kids will also be able to play and experience the latest games and technologies. They will have a chance to experience what 5G technology is like and demystify some of these new technologies.

“We cater for all groups including young kids. They will be able to come here and learn how to code. We bring classes in and we will have an active part in teaching children how to code,” said Joosub.

Place of Business

Vodacom will allow SMME’s to rent the connection labs for a certain period of time depending on what best suits the company’s needs. This is Vodacom’s way of collaborating with and helping these companies. With this new facility, Vodacom wants to ensure that there is engagement. Enterprise will also get to see how IoT can be utilized to enhance their business.

“Businesses will be able to come in and look at how they can transform and become more efficient while proving better services to their customers. Everything that we display is immediately purchasable. We will use this as a platform to help the government when we display some of the latest technologies such as the Smart Citizen apps. We aim to help different elements of society transform,” he said.

“The new Vodacom World brings to life our full strategy; where we are going as a company to visualize it and be able to touch it and experience it, he concluded.

By Fundisiwe Maseko
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