IT News Africa: Top Stories of the week

IT News Africa: Top Stories of the Week
IT News Africa: Top Stories of the Week
IT News Africa: Top Stories of the Week
IT News Africa: Top Stories of the Week

This week was yet again filled with tech news stories that grabbed the headlines both across Africa and around the world.

From new innovations and digital transformation, growing economies to emerging startups, here is a round up of some of the popular stories for the week.

Samsung combines medical imaging and AI for radiologists

Samsung, a leader in medical imaging technology, is showcasing its latest Ultrasound, Digital Radiography, Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) concept and their software innovations at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2018 Annual Meeting at McCormick Place in Chicago. Read more.

SimbaPay establishes digital link between Kenya and China

A recently formed digital economic link is the implementation of African start-up SimbaPay launching Kenya and China instant payment service. Kenya’s Family Bank and London-based financial technology firm SimbaPay have launched an instant money transfer service from Kenya to China through WeChat – a service that will help boost Kenya-China trade. Read more.

Amazon Web Services launches AWS Ground Station

Amazon Web Services, an company has announced AWS Ground Station, a new service that will enable customers to download data from satellites into AWS Global Infrastructure Regions using a fully managed network of 12 ground station antennas located around the world. Read more.

FNB launches ‘Tap and Pin’ at ATMs

As banking transforms digitally, contactless payments and transactions have been on the rise.
A new innovation recently unveiled by FNB is Tap and PIN’ on ATM transactions. The innovation allows consumers to safely tap their contactless card on the contactless reader of an eligible FNB ATM and enter a PIN to complete the transaction without having to insert their bank card. This functionality is currently available across 100 FNB ATMs and more will be upgraded during 2019. Read more.

Over 500,000 Android users accidentally downloaded malware

When it comes to the security of our personal devices, phones drop down to the bottom of the list almost every time. We’re far too trusting of app developers and stores like Google Play to even consider that there might be something malicious hiding in a platform we’re so familiar with. Read more.

East Africa to integrate ICT sector to attract foreign investment

Officials from Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) has plans to harmonize the information communication technology (ICT) sector in order to attract more foreign direct investments (FDI) into the region. Francis Wangusi, director general of Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) told a media briefing in Nairobi that the six partner states, including, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda have small fragmented markets that have limited appeal to foreign iMimecast launches IBM QRadar appnvestors. Read more.

Mimecast Limited has launched Mimecast for IBM Qradar – an app that integrates email security data into IBM’s security intelligence technology. The new Mimecast for IBM QRadar app is designed to offer joint customers improved visibility into potential vulnerabilities and ongoing attacks occurring via email, enabling prioritised incident response through one single console and an increased security posture. Read more.

MTN becomes the first African telco to join IoT World Alliance

MTN Group, one of the biggest telecommunications operators in Africa, announced that it is joining the IoT World Alliance, making it the first African telecommunications company to do so. IoT World Alliance is a collaboration of established mobile network operators which aims to adopt and run a globally connected business through well-executed and smart business decisions. Read more.

Nokia collaborates with AIS Fibre to launch mesh Wi-Fi solution

Broadband operator, AIS Fibre is teaming up with Nokia to provide residential customers with a new premium service that ensures a seamless Wi-Fi broadband experience reaching every corner of the home. This new innovation will benefit customers in Thailand and users will be eligible to receive the Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 duo-pack for a special price which, once installed, quickly establishes a whole-home meshed Wi-Fi network that significantly enhances ultra-broadband coverage and performance. Read more.

IoT disrupts the cloud

It is no longer enough to simply offer a cloud solution as emerging technologies start to not only dominate, but provide much needed competitive advantage to business. Jeremy Potgieter, SADC regional Head, Eseye, says that the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) alongside the prevalence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics are disrupting business models and spurring innovation within the digital sphere. Read more.

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