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Giphy introduces iOS compatible GIF keyboard extension

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Giphy introduces iOS compatible GIF keyboard extension

This week Giphy revealed an extension for its mobile app that brings a GIF keyboard to all multimedia-supporting applications.

Giphy has udpated its iOS app to include a new sticker-making tool and a keyboard extension that you could incorporate into text. Starting from today, 13 December 2018 onward, Giphy users are able to add the keyboard extension to their iOS devices to share GIF’s quicker.

This extension is a major upgrade from Giphy Keys, an app that the company launched back in 2016 — and which has since vanished from the App Store — that helped you put gifs in your iOS text conversations.

With the latest version of the original Giphy app, you can have a gif keyboard on any application that supports multimedia, not just SMS, though a handful of your apps probably already support them such as Instagram.

To use this new feature, you are required to update or download the latest version of the Giphy app. Once that’s done, you should be able to see a globe icon on the bottom left corner on your iPhone or iPad devices. By clicking into the globe, it allows you to change the keyboard language to Giphy, where the search functionality is similar to the web version. However, this feature will only be available and supported on iOS 12 or later.

User who’s using iPhone X or newer devices will have the privilege to record their own animated Giphy stickers to send to others through Apple’s TrueDepth camera technology. Users are also able to save GIFs and stickers as favorites, and edit their media by adding captions, trimming and looping video.

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