Watch: Nokia’s Deon Geyser discusses his career and the future of Nokia

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Deon Geyser, Head of Southern Africa Market Unit at Nokia.
Deon Geyser, Head of Southern Africa Market Unit at Nokia.

Deon Geyser, who is the Head of Southern Africa Market Unit at Nokia, holds 3 degrees – an Electronic Engineering Degree; Bachelor’s in Science for Information Technology; and a Master’s in Engineering Management from the University of Johannesburg. Deon has 15 years of management experience in the Telco industry across Africa, 8 of those years at an executive level.

He joined Siemens Telecommunications in 2002, which became Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) in 2007. From 2008 till 2014 he worked in Tanzania as Country Director for the NSN Business and for Millicom as COO of their Tanzanian operation. Previous roles held – Network Engineering, Various Sales and Technical Sales Roles, Country Director, and then finally COO for Millicom in Tanzania for 2 years, before joining Nokia again as Market Unit Head for Southern Africa and Vodafone in Africa.

In this video, Deon Geyser discusses his role at Nokia as well as some of the plans that the company has for 2019/2020. He gives some advice to those looking to climb the corporate ladder as well as how technology is changing the face of traditional business.

The interview can be found below:

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