tt100 Awards Interview: Passion4Performance

tt100 awards
Darryn Van Den Berg, Visionary MD, Passion4Performance.

tt100 awards
Darryn Van Den Berg, Visionary MD, Passion4Performance.

Darryn Van Den Berg, Visionary MD, Passion4Performance, states that the company is owned by 2 founders, himself and Ozzy Knox, the Technical Director. “The idea was spawned in 2007 – when I was offering a Performance Management Software, found that market to be saturated, and started seeing the gap in the E-POE space. I began playing with this idea and a good friend challenged me to use technology. I struggled through three system architects, and finally connected with my partner, Ozzy Knox, and in 2015, P4P was launched.”

Passion4Performance is a Johannesburg-based disruptive education technology company providing technology that enables people to validate their informal learning through educational governing bodies. The company develops software for several clients including BP, Sasol, Emergence Learning Academy, Samsung, Nedbank, A5CE, AEISkills. The following are some of their achievements:

– Creator of a leading cloud platform for Competency Assessment and Tracking, with supporting portfolios of evidence. Enables effective assessment, moderation, management and reporting for Learnerships, RPL and skills programmes.

– The company has developed cloud-based software to address a R1.8 billion+ market opportunity (RSA alone).

– The team includes experienced individuals and thought leaders in the L&D, talent management and technology sectors.

– 54 Programmes, 60+ Assessors, 1500 Learners, 6680 POE Artefacts, since launching 24 months ago.

– The company has secured endorsements from six of the SETAs for the use of P4P as a recommended platform for managing learner competency and achievement.

What is the core focus of your business?

Service as a software technology company enabling the Assessment of Competence process and offering the opportunity for Recognition of Prior learning that is a driving factor of the SETA/QCTO legislation, which owing to the lack of smart technology, has been ignored and thought of as too cumbersome or difficult.

What have been the company’s biggest highlights for 2018?

Our biggest highlight was the recent introduction of a new role function within P4P and the company has seen an increase in the number of clients we’ve had since 2017.

Could you tell us about your future plans and upcoming programs?

We are currently finalising the second role function within P4P. We also plan to double our clients again in 2019. There is also high-level discussions of international growth, hence we’re looking for investors to come on board. Lastly, we are currently overlaying the different processes with a Chatbot.

Why are programs like the tt100 beneficial to enterprises?

Programs like the tt100 are beneficial to enterprises as they give you acknowledgement and enable you to be seen, making your business more credible.

How has winning the award impacted your business?

Only really from an internal perspective, we have grown and it has kept us focused. We see that the SaaS is really a winner as others see the power of what we doing. [Both learners in Education as well as Leaders in business (Non-Education).

What advice would you give to future leaders who are starting out within the same industry?

Study the legislation of what you want to disrupt, so that you can disrupt it… and borrow the brilliance of all your colleagues around you who will happily tell you WHY what you do will work (or not) . . . and don’t sell, just listen.

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