Simple tips to protect yourself this Black Friday

November 21, 2018 • Online & Social, Security

Simple tips to protect yourself this Black Friday

Simple tips to protect yourself this Black Friday.

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day on the calendar, with a growing list of retailers offering greatly reduced prices on a range of products. As these great deals start to hit our TV screens, inboxes, and social media screens, Namola, the free mobile safety app supported by Dialdirect, brings you these simple tips to keep safe this Black Friday.

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Minimise carrying cash. As great deals are lined up for Black Friday, so too are criminals looking to exploit shoppers. These criminals can be especially treacherous in busy shopping centres. Make sure that you have a zip on your bag and that you do not carry large sums of cash.

Be vigilant. Looking forward to your new purchases? Criminals are probably too. Be vigilant when travelling back from Black Friday. Be as discreet as you can with your new purchases. Pay attention when putting bags in your car.

Watch out for your fellow South Africans. If we all keep a lookout for criminals, we can ensure that our fellow South Africans stay safe. See something? Remember to request assistance through Namola.

Go online using secure websites. As a rule of thumb, if the site has a green little lock sign on the top left, then it is safe to use. Don’t take chances with sites you’ve never heard of they could well be a scam. It is also wise to update your antivirus software to further prevent accessing unsafe websites. NEVER save your payment information on a site.

Beware rock-bottom prices. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other big sales along the way have become a tradition of holiday shopping. But if a website offers something that looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Compare prices and pictures of the merchandise at similar websites. Rock-bottom prices could be a red flag that the business doesn’t have those items in stock.

Watch out for scam emails. While it might be tempting to open an email that promises a “special offer,” clicking on emails from unknown senders and unrecognizable sellers could infect your computer with viruses and malware. It’s better to play it safe. Delete them, don’t click on any links, and don’t open any attachments from individuals or businesses you are unfamiliar with.

“Whether you are heading to retailers or purchasing online this Friday, remain vigilant during your Black Friday shopping experience,” says Maanda Tshifularo, Head of Dialdirect Insurance. “It’s imperative that we as South Africans show criminals, not only that they are unwanted, but that we are aware of them.”

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