Gemalto showcases connected and secure IOT at AfricaCom 2018

November 13, 2018 • General

AfricaCom 2018

Gemalto showcases connected and secure IOT at AfricaCom 2018.

Gemalto will be demonstrating its On-Demand Connectivity solution at AfricaCom, among other technology solutions enabling a secure connected world. AfricaCom is the largest African Telecoms, Media and Technology event, and will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on 13-15 November 2018.

Innovation and technology is challenging businesses today, with more and more disruptive environments. To ensure their position in a future landscape, MNOs, OEMs and service providers need to claim new territory in the digital market, cut operational costs, and attract new customers.

“As the Internet of Things gathers momentum, more and more of the physical objects and devices we use will be connected to the network. The embedded SIM (eSIM) is becoming a reality that will enable millions of consumers to seamlessly connect their favourite devices anytime, anywhere.” says Sherry Zameer, Senior Vice President IoT Solutions, CIS, Middle East and Africa region, Gemalto. “With 3.5 billion devices on the market by 2025, cellular connectivity will play a major role in bringing massive IoT to life both on the consumer and M2M markets, exponentially increasing the number of mobile connections.”

Gemalto ODC unlocks new avenues for MNOs allowing them to diversify their connectivity services into the world of IoT. For example, this means that users can link their expanding range of mobile devices—phones, tablets and now wearables—easily to the mobile operator and package of choice. In addition, eSIM technology means that activating a mobile package in a foreign country is seamless.

eSIMS will also impact device design. Because OEMs can dispense with the physical SIM tray, device profiles can become slimmer and sleeker. Microsoft will be using eSIMs and ODC in the next wave of Windows 10 devices, thus pairing ODC with the globe’s most-used operating system.

ODC is also key to expanding the mobile ecosystem across the IoT. Thus, for example, a connected car can be shipped to any country in the world, and the eSIM can be easily enrolled on the desired local cellular package. Also, when you travel, there is no more queuing to buy a local SIM or high roaming costs for your mobile device.

Gemalto will also be demonstrating its leading-edge conceptual framework for digitising IDs for use on mobile devices. Using official digital IDs and biometrics such as facial recognition, Gemalto is developing technology to safely and reliably create digital IDs on mobile devices. Such digital IDs can then be used to verify transactions of all kinds, thus reducing fraud, which is a major challenge in the digital world.

For MNOs, OEMs and other enterprises, trusted digital IDs mean smoother digital workflows, faster customer acquisition processes and consistent customer data. Operating costs are reduced and the customer experience enhanced. Moreover, a Trusted Digital Identity can serve as a gateway for subscribers to access multiple security-sensitive services such as mobile money, eGov and online banking, allowing MNOs to take a lead in these fast growing sectors.

To gain an insight into the technologies that are set to transform how the digital, connected world operates, visit
Gemalto in Hall 4, Stand B92B.

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