Afterglow Lvl 1 PS4 Chat Headset Review

Afterglow Lvl 1 PS4 Chat Headset Review
Afterglow Lvl 1 PS4 Chat Headset Review

The online gaming experience is nigh incomplete without the ability to communicate with either teammates or adversaries, but remedying this often ends up costing either an arm or a leg. At worst it could cost you both. The Afterglow LVL1 Chat Headset solves this problem on the fronts of both affordability and functionality.

Afterglow Lvl 1 PS4 Chat Headset

The headset features a 30mm high-definition driver, a flexible noise-cancelling mic, easily accessible volume, and microphone controls, and a light-weight design for a comfortably long gaming session. It isn’t a wireless headset, so it does require that you plug into the audio jack on your PS4 controller.

Licensed by Sony PlayStation, the Afterglow LVL1 Chat Headset is a good alternative to some of the pricier gaming headset options on the market today. It retails from R300, depending on the retailer of choice, but it does the job just as well as some of the more expensive models.

The in-line volume and mute controls were very convenient and made a quick change during gameplay very easy, especially when muting the mic to avoid the interference of background noise. The microphone did a good job at minimising disruptive background noise as well.

The sound quality is great and the over-the-ear cup was designed with comfort in mind, however, it was too small. As someone with relatively smaller than average ears, I didn’t expect to have any issues with the fit of the earpiece, but I found that it barely covered my ear. In fact, it pressed down on my ear in a weird way, causing an uncomfortable pressure over an extended period of time. Average-eared folks might have even more of a problem. The adjustable headband did help get me as close to a good fit as I possibly could though.

The Afterglow LVL1 Chat Headset is a great headset if you’re strapped for cash or not that fussed about high-quality audio. It’s comfortable enough, it gets the job done, and it doesn’t cost you a fortune.

By Daniëlle Kruger
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