5 Ways to Make Your Home Smart

LG launches Zero Carbon 2030 initiative
The company plans further reductions in Greenhouse gas emissions and expansion of carbon offset projects.
5 Ways to Make Your Home Smart
5 Ways to Make Your Home Smart.

In recent years, there have been several studies that have proven the importance of “doing nothing” and essentially scheduling free time, but our always-connected, frenetic lifestyles don’t allow for much downtime. As a modern consumer, you have very little time to yourself, so you expect everything from your smartphone to your PC and your home appliances to match your crazy pace and get things done as efficiently as possible.

Today, innovative appliances not only provide the convenience you crave, but they also make your home smarter in an effort to reduce some of the time you are forced to spend on mundane tasks.

Today, IT News Africa and LG Electronics look at five ways to help you use time efficiently while also making your home smarter.

1. Invest in design. 
Design your kitchen to be ergonomic so that the culinary process can be streamlined and therefore more enjoyable, while also being stylish
2. Be aware of your environmental footprint. Home appliance brands have decreased the energy consumption of many appliances to make them more environmentally friendly. For example, by using air conditioners with dual inverter technology, you can reduce energy use by up to 70 percent.

3. Don’t shy away from innovation. Smart appliances that communicate with each other will create an intelligent hub in your home that helps to save time.

4. Scrutinise the finer details. As with anything in life, you need to read between the lines and you should scrutinise the details about your home appliances because some innovative manufacturers spend a great deal of time and money on research to develop advanced appliances. Today, microwave ovens heat your food with precise temperature control to ensure even cooking inside and out, resulting in perfectly cooked meals.

5. Don’t sacrifice family time. Sometimes, all it takes to recharge your batteries is spending time with loved ones and you shouldn’t sacrifice this time, or waste it on tasks that consumer-friendly, intuitive appliances can handle. LG invests in innovation because it knows that modern consumers crave spare time and convenience above all else and their range of smart appliances are designed to put you in control of your life.

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