Paratus upgrades mobile data LTE network

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Paratus upgrades mobile data LTE network
Paratus upgrades mobile data LTE network

Paratus has successfully concluded the first phase of the upgrades to its Mobile LTE Data network. The operator has confirmed that phase two will commence during November 2018 when the equipment arrives from the vendor manufacturing line.

The upgrade has increased throughput speeds on the network substantially and Paratus is upbeat about completing the upgrades on the rest of the network.

“We have been planning the upgrades for quite some time, during which various lab tests were done to ensure efficiency on the network platform”, says the company’s client service executive Andrew Hall. “Meticulous planning is crucial when implementing in a live environment, as to not disrupt any service delivery to our clients.”

Hall says Paratus is working closely with the vendor to ensure that the network continues to perform optimally during this process.

Phase two will deliver the same results and Paratus is confident that clients will experience an improved service. The two phases were separated due to manufacturing timeframes and deliverables. However, this proved to be a blessing in disguise, as this ensured that network inconsistencies were resolved.

According to Hall, they are happy with the results to date and they are confident that their clients will experience the benefits of the upgrades. He further concluded that it is important to remain on the forefront of technological advances and the additional infrastructure has already shown a tremendously positive impact on the service to our customers.

Paratus is confident that the next phase will be rolled out with minimum disruption to existing services.

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