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Huawei teases new AI speaker

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Huawei teased a new smart speaker with AI technology
Huawei teased a new smart speaker with AI technology

Google, Samsung and Apple all have smart speakers. Not to be left behind, Huawei has now released their budget contender.

The company teased the new gadget the Chinese name of which translates as “Huawei AI Speaker” at its Mate 20 series event in Shanghai, China, on October 29.

The Chinese language smartphone maker additionally introduced a couple of different units together with a smartwatch, wi-fi charger, automobile charger and Huawei AI speaker.

Huawei’s new Speaker is a mixture of each the Amazon Echo Dot and Apple’s HomePod design. In contrast to Huawei AI Dice which makes use of Google Assistant as a digital assistant.

Instead of Siri being integrated into the device, Huawei’s own Xiaoyi voice assistant will help you jam and find music, as well as stay connected to other smart home devices like your lights, smart locks, or security cameras. Six internal microphones and voiceprint recognition mean Xiaoyi should have no problem understanding your requests. At this point, the HomePod should be getting nervous.

From the outside, the Huawei AI Speaker looks almost identical to Apple’s HomePod, except that it has four buttons on the top surface. The price tag, on the other hand, is a lot lower than its Apple twin, at just 399 yuan, or about $60.

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