IT News Africa: Most read stories of the week

IT News Africa: Most read stories of the week
IT News Africa: Most read stories of the week
IT News Africa: Most read stories of the week
IT News Africa: Most read stories of the week

It has been a busy week across Africa’s ICT sector.

We’re well into the second quarter of the year, and with that being said this week there has been much activity within the IT space. From thriving tech entrepreneurs in Africa to growing economies here is a round up of some of the popular stories for the week.

Here is a wrap up of all the most read articles of the week.

How firewalls protect your business from Web-Based threats

A firewall is a network security system that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic, allowing or blocking specific traffic based on predefined security rules. We say system because a firewall can be software or hardware, but a combination of the two is optimal. Most descriptions say that a firewall acts as a shield or a barrier, which is correct as it prevents unauthorised access to or from a private network. Read more.

Women Innovators honoured at the MTN Women in ICT

Telecommunications giant MTN on Thursday, August 30 officially launched the third edition of the Women in the information and communication technologies (ICT) Partnership for Change Awards. The premier ICT women’s event saw several accolades awarded to candidates at a gala event held in Johannesburg on 30 August 2018. Read more.

Ruckus Wi-Fi Technology supports Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi Initiative

Ruckus Networks, an ARRIScompany, has announced that it is joining Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi Certified ecosystem, a program that allows access point manufacturers to build Wi-Fi hardware compatible with Express Wi-Fi. Operators participating in Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi initiative will deploy the Ruckus virtual SmartZone controllers and certified indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi access points in high-traffic public areas in Africa, India, and Indonesia. Read more.

Review: HP Pavilion 15

Over the past few month’s HP has boasted an impressive release of laptops, ranging from the HP Spectre x360, HP Spectre 13 to the HP Chromebook 14 G5. We got to try out the 8th generation Intel Core processor, the 2018 HP Pavilion 15 laptop. The new Pavilion 15 is thinner (17.8 mm vs. 22.5 mm) and lighter (1.8 kg vs. 2.1 kg) than the previous generation Pavilion 15t-au100. Read more.

Standard Bank turns tweets into stationery with Tweet Machine campaign

Standard Bank to launch first of its kind social campaign on Twitter to show that inspiring and positive tweets can be turned into tangible educational tools with the help of 3D printing and laser cutters. For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Some call it the concept of cause and effect. Others would term it reaping what you sow. At Standard Bank we like to say that #GoodFollowsGood. Read more.

Google announces Launchpad Accelerator Africa Class 2

Google announced the launch of its second Launchpad Accelerator Africa class as part of its ongoing efforts to support entrepreneurship on the continent. The accelerator, which is housed in Lagos, Nigeria, has already demonstrated its value. The first Launchpad Accelerator Africa class saw 12 startups graduate, with more than 20 teams from Google and 40 mentors from nine countries supporting them. Read more.

How to get verified on Instagram

Instagram is opening itself up for more users to attain that magical blue check mark, officially known as Verified Badges, that only the most popular users qualify for. All they really mean is that Instagram has confirmed that an account is authentic and these badges are intended to make it easier to find public figures, celebrities, and brands for users to follow. Read more.

Internet of Things: What are the risks for homes in Africa?

Smart homes are getting even smarter, with Internet of Things (IoT) devices rapidly coming to market to make homes more efficient and daily life more convenient. But any internet connection comes with risk attached, and IoT in homes could increase your vulnerability, warns Fortinet. Read more.

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