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5 Reasons why modern businesses need chatbots

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5 Reasons why modern businesses need chatbots
5 Reasons why modern businesses need chatbots

Far more menial tasks are being handed over to machine automation. Perhaps one of the greatest examples of this is chatbots. More and more companies are using chatbots to handle customer service issues that tend to go unanswered and subsequently pile up.

According to Chatbots Magazine, companies like Taco Bell and Domino’s are even using chatbots to arrange the delivery of packages. That being said, greater customer service isn’t the only benefit to businesses using chatbots.

Here are 5 reasons why modern businesses need chatbots:

1. Better customer service

The average person does not have the time to scroll through a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page until they find a relevant answer that pertains to them. Sometimes their answer may not even be there. Chatbots simplify this process by answering a customer’s question or directing them to either a page or person that would be better equipped to assist.

Chatbots can also handle multiple customer queries at once, ultimately improving on customer satisfaction and giving your business’ page a better response rate. Where, on average, about 90% of questions sent from Facebook business pages will go unanswered, a chatbot can easily solve this problem by guaranteeing a 100% answer rate.

2. 24/h Availability

Because of the constant 24/hour nature of chatbots, there’s no more risk of being kept on hold for hours until an operator is available. Operating in and out of business hours also makes it so much easier for customers to engage with your brand whenever convenient and that is perhaps one of the biggest words in customer service; Convenience.

3. Collecting helpful data

Because of the way that chatbots integrate with social media platforms, they automatically gather information on every person they interact with. This information can be useful in figuring out a target demographic, determining what type of person the average user is i.e. age, location, occupation, and also creating a personalized experience for the client based on their own info that is readily available to the chatbot.

Not only that, but chatbots are also invaluable in the collection of customer feedback. Chatbots can take the often tedious and annoying process of completing a survey and simplify it by naturally introducing questions into conversations. With the right approach to machine learning, your chatbot can take this even further by analysing this feedback and providing better insight into what your customers need or want from you.

4. Saving money

A chatbot is an easy one-time investment. It saves a company on labour costs and that can amount to quite a great deal given some time. Because it also improves the customer response efficiency, there’s the potential to bring in more business. In essence, a chatbot will end up paying for itself in no time at all.

5. Greater online presence

Having some sort of social media presence is crucial to a business’ survival. The greater the presence, the greater the customer engagement. Having a chatbot engage with customers on behalf of the business helps build up a rapport and helps create a better overall sense of customer engagement. Having a chatbot engage with several people at once, staying on top of queries and concerns, establishes a greater online presence than if a single operator had to handle the same tasks. Only the complicated tasks get passed on to a human operator, which ultimately saves on time and money.

By Daniëlle Kruger
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