LG’s OLED “Wallpaper” TV is a stunner

July 18, 2018 • Gadgets and Gaming, Southern Africa

LG's Wallpaper OLED TV is a stunner

LG’s OLED Wallpaper TV is a stunner (From LG전자)

Our vision of the future is mostly inspired by science fiction movies and can look like anything from dystopian classics such as Terminator to the more hopeful The Martian, where mankind is able to travel to the red planet with relative ease.

Whatever shape our futuristic dreams take, the one constant about the future is that technology is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of our lives and there are gleaming screens displaying reams of information in every corner.

LG Electronics, the global leader in OLED products offers solutions for the future for business, public and personal spaces. State-of-the-art LG signage products such as the transparent OLED display is a unique technology that is impressive in a number of environments from retail to art galleries where such signage is able to display vivid images without being a distraction.

Supremely adaptable

LG is taking digital signage to a whole new level with Open Frame OLED, In-Glass Wallpaper OLED and Ultra Stretch signage solutions. Think of those scenes from Minority Report where Tom Cruise is watching and then moving videos seamlessly across crystal clear transparent screens and you’ll have an idea of what LG’s screens are capable of. Of course, the ability to move videos with smart gloves from one screen to another hasn’t been invented yet, but it isn’t too far off as LG’s advanced IPS Interactive Digital Boards deliver collaborative tools and touch-enabled interfaces that allow multiple users to write simultaneously and share ideas with this intuitive technology.

OLED technology allows screens to emit light without the need for backlighting to create superb images with remarkably lifelike colours while providing wider viewing angles than conventional backlit displays.

Due to the inherent thinness and flexibility of OLED displays, Flexible Open Frame OLED signage allows customers to change the curvature of installations in either landscape, or portrait modes and the actual curvature of the screen can be changed after installation to allow for either convex, or concave displays.

The shape and size of Open Frame OLED displays can be tailored for multiple uses in any industry such as large-scale video installations and informational displays designed to fit into any commercial space.

Adaptability is also evidenced by LG’s flight information display systems (FIDS), which come in a wide range of sizes and orientation with an advanced anti-reflection feature that allows passengers to see accurate flight information at a glance without distracting reflections.

A touch of futuristic class

OLED Wallpaper TV delivers a first-class ambience to any hotel and the Gallery Mode enables the display of artwork in guest rooms with superb picture quality. Hotel management will also appreciate the TV’s smart platform, which supports simple editing tools for customising content.

The Internet of Things and the inherent solutions that such integration offers can be enjoyed with LG’s Smart Hotel TV that gives hotel guests the ability to control lights, door locks and wireless curtains, among other smart devices through the TV’s Pro:Centric Direct user interface.

Designed with dual-sided ultra-slim OLED panels in a glass pane, LG’s In-Glass Wallpaper OLED signage provides a touch of futuristic class for boutiques, art galleries and other businesses that would like to add a sophisticated element to their interior décor. This signage is available in standing and hanging versions to allow businesses the freedom to utilise the displays as effectively as possible.

Nothing is a more perfect illustration of the future than the ubiquitous multi-storey screens we’ve seen in just about every sci-fi movie. LG’s 55 and 65-inch OLED Video Wall solution in portrait or landscape formats combined with LG’s 1 x 4 OLED Video Wall unit, which can be connected to other units, will enable businesses to create vivid signs of various configurations and sizes.

“We are extremely proud of our leadership in the global B2B signage industry, but even more proud that we are able to consistently offer such creative solutions for our vertical customers,” said Grant Kruger, B2B Sales Manager, LG Electronics South Africa. “Our top priority is to be able to offer high value practical and effective solutions to a wider audience that includes retail, government, hospitality, education and transportation industries.”


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