Siemon’s announces new lighter coloured cabinet solutions

Siemon’s new lighter coloured cabinet solutions improve aesthetics and visibility
Siemon’s new lighter coloured cabinet solutions improve aesthetics and visibility
Siemon’s new lighter coloured cabinet solutions improve aesthetics and visibility

Siemon, a global network infrastructure company, has announced that its cabinet solutions and accessories are now available in white and light grey, which according to the company delivers modern look for today’s data centres and telecommunications spaces.

In addition to existing black (RAL 9011), Siemon’s VersaPOD, V800, V600 and wall-mount cabinets are now available in white (RAL 9003) and light grey (RAL 7035). Cabinet accessories are also available in white and light grey to ensure a seamless look throughout the cabinets, including VersaPOD zero-U and end-of-row panels, cable managers, blanking panels and PDU mounting brackets. Vertical patch panels, cable trays, cable managers and brush guards used with V800 and V600 cabinets also come in a white or grey, as well as common cabinet accessories including equipment shelves, filler panels, exhaust chimneys, lid dividers, casters and mounting rails.

Lighter coloured cabinets are becoming a trend in data centres due to their clean, modern look. They also reflect up to 75 percent more light than black cabinets for overall improved visibility, making critical network connections and equipment easier to see in dim lighting conditions. With improved visibility, lighting energy within these networking spaces may be reduced for potential operational cost savings. Lighter coloured cabinets are also less prone to visible scratches, and they blend well into surrounding décor.

“We are extremely pleased to round out our comprehensive cabinet offering with white and light grey colour options,” says Alberto Zucchinali, data centre solutions and services manager for Europe, Russia and Africa at Siemon. “Not only does the expansion support increasing popularity for lighter coloured cabinets in data centres, but our lighter coloured wall-mount cabinet is ideal for blending into the walls of classrooms, retail spaces or other similar environments.”

Siemon’s VersaPOD cabinets leverage the vertical space between cabinets and at the end of row for zero-U patching, cable management and power distribution, reducing stranded power outlets by 75 percent and resulting in 46 percent savings. The V800 cabinet is ideal for high-density data centre environments, while the V600 is a versatile, cost-effective cabinet prefect for housing servers. Siemon’s feature-rich wall-mount cabinet saves valuable floor space and is ideal as a mini telecomm room or for remote network distribution and consolidation points in open, unprotected spaces. All of Siemon’s cabinets are also available as V-Built™ preconfigured cabinets that are preloaded with Siemon components, including connectivity, PDUs, cable management and accessories to meet specific applications and configurations.


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