LG G7 ThinQ Review

June 24, 2018 • Gadgets and Gaming, Top Stories

LG has launched its new G7 ThinQ in SA in a bid to give its mobile business a boost.

LG has launched its new G7 ThinQ in SA in a bid to give its mobile business a boost.

South Korean multinational electronics company recently introduced their highly anticipated latest flagship – the LG G7 ThinQ and we must say, LG pulled out all the stops with this device.

The G7 has some impressive features that include the fastest processor around, a near-unique camera and glass for miles but that is just a few of the standout features.

The new slim and sleek design comes with a super bright 6.1” edge-to-edge display, and powerful speakers for thoughtful innovation, inside and out.

LG appears to be building a ThinQ ecosystem, where smartphones communicate with televisions, fridges and other home equipment.

The futurist might welcome the prospect, but it isn’t going to become a reality any time soon – right now the AI simply isn’t smart enough to make good on that promise.

The Camera:

With Artificial Intelligence on the rise, LG brought that feature into their camera app. This constantly scans the scene and posts text tags of what it thinks it sees. The wide-angle secondary camera is the bit that gets one fascinated. With a 107-degree field of view, the camera feature is a bit like a GoPro-style view, so is a good fit as an action video camera.

Fingerprint sensor:

The sensor is not a button, so it’s triggered as soon as you touch the surface. The rear fingerprint scanner works well at quickly unlocking the phone, as does the less secure face unlock through the front-facing camera. It works interchangeably with a pattern or a password making it safer to lock your phone.

LG G7 ThinQ

Battery Life:

The LG G7 boasts a 3,000mAh battery. That means it performs well, and will likely last you through a full day, though you’ll definitely need to plug it before you go to bed. Plus, there is also a battery power saving alternative which extends your battery life.


The device has a Snapdragon 845 chip and Android Oreo software. Storage includes 4GB of RAM, 64GB (approximately 15,000 songs) of storage and a microSD card slot to help expand the amount of storage, which is quite convenient for those who love to store extra video’s, music and pictures.


The G7 ThinQ offers a better sonic experience than its predecessors. LG has given this smartphone a 32bit quad DAC alongside an equaliser mode and settings for adjusting the digital filter. The G7 smartphone does have one trick up its sleeve: a ‘boombox’ design that uses the internal chamber of the phone to boost bass power, adding a bit more solidity, depth and punch to a track.

In conclusion, if you need a new smartphone, LG’s G7 ThinQ is as good a choice as any Android smartphone out there (apart from Samsung’s selection of top-rated – although more expensive – phones, the S9 and S9+).

There’s no doubt this phone is pointing the way to a futurist, connected tomorrow – but while it trumps the competition in certain areas, it has yet to truly spark the imagination.

The G7 ThinQ is already available in the country and costs R13,999 pre-paid, and R649 per month, post-paid.

By Neo Sesinye
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