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The benefits of learning to code

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The benefits of learning to code
The benefits of learning to code

Coding may seem intimidating at first glance, but mastering it, or at least getting to grips with the basics, is so much more advantageous than one might think. The benefits go beyond just being able to understand “the language of computers”. It also isn’t a skill limited to computer geeks and career programmers anymore. In an ever-evolving digital landscape, this kind of skill becomes invaluable.


Understanding your computer
Most of us work with computers every single day, but how many of us truly understand the inner workings of these machines? The code is essentially what tells your computer what to do, so by understanding the code and how it works, you’ll have a better understanding of the computer as a whole.


Control over digital infrastructure
Because computers are everywhere, it means you could technically put your coding to use everywhere. Locations where this skill could be useful are places like schools, government buildings, offices, and even residences, depending on what you specialize in.


Do it yourself
Wouldn’t it be great if you wanted to create a website and you didn’t have to ask for help? Or if you wanted to start a business and knew how to set up an online store by yourself? These are just a few simple examples of what coding could help you achieve. There would be no need to pay someone else for their services if you can do it on your own.


Teaching critical thinking
Coding is a very technical skill and it requires a lot of critical thinking in a field as innovative as tech. Syntax and semantics are key to coding. By learning to code, you automatically improve your critical thinking which could turn you into an expert problem solver.


Learning another language
Computer programming is considered a language. Ten of the most popular coding languages include:

  • Python,
  • Javascript,
  • Java,
  • Ruby,
  • Objective-C,
  • C++,
  • C#,
  • PHP,
  • Perl,
  • and SQL.

All of these different languages are designed to be used for different purposes . For example, where Javascripts is most often used for coding websites, something like SQL is made specifically to manipulate data in a database. It all depends on the end goal of the coder, but some of the best coding languages to start with are Java, Python and Javascript.


Guaranteed work and earning potential
If you are looking for a career change, coding is a good direction to go in. Programmers are always in demand. Being a programmer also doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be working in the IT department. HTML, Javascript, and CSS are useful to marketers. Coding in tech is useful in virtually every industry.

There is also great earning potential for programmers. According to, the average pay for computer programmers in South Africa is R171,253 annually. This could go up to as much as R500k a year for experienced programmers.


By Daniëlle Kruger

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