Various Ways You Can Recover Data from NAS Devices

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NAS or Network attached storage devices are gaining popularity these days. By plugging your device into an Ethernet port on the router, PC, or switch, NAS devices offer a fast and easy method to enhance storage space. This happens without any requirement of a PC to share the connected storage. Some of the NAS devices come with the capacity to deal with 1 terabyte or more. They are effective in restoring a terabyte of data lost due to power failure, virus attack or system failure.

What are the reasons for loss of data

One can lose data due to various different reasons. It can be due to virus, malware, incorrect operations, sudden PC halts, corrupted or damaged files, system crashes, and extreme environment conditions. A good quality data recovery software works remarkably to recover all your personal and professional data in any condition.

Steps to repair data from NAS Devices

Data recovery is a complicated task that requires expertise, determination, biometric environment and right recovery tools to perform efficient recovery of your data. Data recovery device comes with the ability to recover files like images, videos, music files, documents and emails. To efficiently repair maximum data that has been damaged, there are a few steps that you need to follow:

  • Disassemble NAS device
  • Remove all internals hard drives present in the NAS box
  • Follow by inserting all the hard drives into the system. Now join them to available SATA and IDE ports
  • Run Disk Internals Uneraser, Raid Recovery or Partition Recovery
  • Perform the data recovery as per the instructions provided on the Recovery Wizard.

What are the features of different components present in the NAS device?

Data recovery device comprises of different components that help in efficient recovery from NAS device.

  • Disk Internals provide 3 different products to recollect data from NAS devices and perform disk repair.
  • Disk Internals Uneraser is a very cost-effective option which recovers data and files from the disks present in the NAS device. Uneraser can only recover data, it does not have the ability to repair the damaged structures of the system like the boot partition table and file system.
  • Disk Internals partition recovery efficiently repair the file structures of the infected / broken disk. Partition Recovery has the ability to recover data from one disk and RAID arrays. It can’t fix RAID system structures.
  • Disk Internals RAID Recovery is highly expensive and an advanced product that is manufactured by Disk Internals. It will recover data and files from RAID arrays and single disks along with fixing file system structures of RAID arrays and single disks. Due to availability of numerous different NAT systems, RAID Recovery automatically identifies the precise configuration and type of a RAID.
  • Disk Internals data recovery tools completely support the Linux based file system and all kinds of Linux RAID.


Though NAS devices look quite similar to USB, they are even more effective in functioning than regular USB drive. By performing these steps properly, one can effectively repair, recollect and restore data.