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New anti-gravity tech explodes on Kickstarter

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New anti-gravity tech explodes on Kickstarter
Flipstik – World’s 1st Reusable Wall Mount! (Image sourced from Youtube)

Anti-gravity tech, flipstik, reached its funding goal on Kickstarter in less than 24 hours.

flipstik allows users to stick and mount anything everywhere. It uses a trademarked technology called Synthetic Setae.

Synthetic Setae is a reusable adhesive that mimics the natural setae on the feet of geckos. This process, known as allows you to adhere nearly any device to nearly any service.

The patent pending Synthetic Setae is completely reusable, allowing you to simply wash it with warm water to regain its adhesive nature. According to reviews it can be used 1000s of times. During the flipstik kickstarter campaign you can purchase a flipstik for as little as $6.

flipstik comes in a number of design styles similar to that of another phone accessory, popsocket. But the flipstik designs seem fresh and new. From Wild animals in their natural habitat, to stones and metals, to zodiac signs dripping in beautiful galaxies. There is something for everyone.

The flipstik team has also committed to donate 3% of their profits to charities and is encouraging other companies to do the same.

Check out the Kickstarter video:


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