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Dascoin: Hard facts about the currency of trust

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Dascoin: Hard facts about the currency of trust
Dascoin: Hard facts about the currency of trust.

While cryptocurrencies continue to create a boom in both local and international markets, as well as on exchange platforms, more and more of them continue to show up and make an entry in this hotly contested industry. One of the latest cryptocurrencies is the Dascoin. Here, we take a look at this new cryptocurrency from all integral aspects. You might want to stick around and dig up a few facts about it too.

The Basics of Dascoin
First off, the cryptocurrency is run by an entity based in Singapore and operated by CL Singapore Pte Limited whose owner is Coin Leadership Limited, which is based out in Dubai.

In its intrinsic concept, this cryptocurrency is very much similar to others except for a few variations that dictate its core operating procedure.

How it Works
To start dealing, you first need to invest in the cryptocurrency. With this, you acquire a software license that allows you to receive the cryptocurrency directly from the source without involving any other currency exchange platforms or going through the headaches of mining for cryptocurrencies through the normal processes. You can invest as low as 100 Euros and up to 25,000 Euros.

Owning this software means that you’re able to contribute to the building and the overall growth of the network on which the cryptocurrency operates. In return, you’re awarded the cryptocurrency for your troubles. Now, given that it’s been decided that there will only be around 8 million pieces of this cryptocurrency generated, your compensation amounts are only remitted to your account after every complete cycle is generated. That’s, of course, after you’ve made your referrals to introduce other new investors into the system.

Understanding the Members’ Compensation Plan
First off, you obviously know that you can’t join a crypto business without signing up to the particular platform. When you choose to deal in this particular cryptocurrency, you realise that the more money you commit in your investments, the higher the value assigned to it.

Basically, the platform operates an affiliate program such that your earnings are mostly determined by the number of new investors you introduce into the program. Again, your earnings are also dependent on the type of package that you’re subscribed to as well that purchased by the new entrants coming in through your referral. The more of your referrals purchasing higher-tier packages, the more you get in your total compensation. However, you don’t really need to market or make any referrals to earn with the currency. In fact, you can just buy your amount and leave it to appreciate over time. In a few years, the value will have gone up, and your initial investment will pay off.

From the highlights above, you get to realise that Dascoin is essentially a hybrid cryptocurrency that thrives better with more investments on its platform. Now, is this crypto the next big thing or not? You can answer that!

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