Six key advantages to using managed services for your e-commerce

January 9, 2018 • Online & Social, Retail

Six key advantages to using managed services for your e-commerce

Six key advantages to using managed services for your e-commerce (image: garagestock)

Managed services definitely provide the quality benefit of outsourcing IT or other technical needs for strong management and consistency. The use of managed services will help maintain customer service and relationships, ensuring that technology is the greatest need when building a business from the e-commerce platform, however with your connections being 100 per cent requirement there is no need to fall to the occurrence of random community outages or other technical problems that would place you on the waiting list along with other on-demand customers. So, more than having quality IT, the managed services are those permanently outsourced and maintained by the supplier.

Key Advantages of Managed Services
There are at least six key advantages to using managed services for the technological needs of any company, and especially for e-commerce companies:

1. Money Savings, Predictable Spending
First, money savings come in many different forms through the use of managed services. With one company covering your entire IT system, there is only one bill to be paid, often with discounts or savings offered for multiple services. With consistent management, there are additional savings in avoiding expensive network disasters. In addition to that, you could also look for a managed service companies that has a connection with card services companies that offers inclusion of financial transaction automation services that could help you save tons of money instead of using a traditional method on your e-commerce transactions.

2. Proactive and Customised Solutions
With the availability of a managed services team, your company has access to custom, advanced solutions for any pending issues that may be on the rise. There are always signs that these professionals may pick up on quicker than a busier team that does not have a sole focus on the network. Issues will be handled in a timely manner and with greater of ease. For customization purposes in the future, just in case an e-commerce store would like to move to another platform or website, they could actually partner with both managed services and migration companies to make the process easier.

3. Access to Professional IT staff
While there is always the ability to hire an IT team has needed, there is even easier access to professional IT staff with the use of managed services. These are professionals who are already well-versed in the structure of the services of the supplier you have chosen and will be able to handle your questions and issues at the drop of a hat.

4. Faster Response Time
Fourth, managed services will provide a faster response time in the event of outages, shortages, failures and other network downfalls. In the case that you are a customer with managed services, your company name is at the top of the list for service when these things occur, no matter how many others in your area are fighting the same issues. Your network repairs will be completed first.

5. Vendor Management
Then, you can see that vendor management means that the weight of the network is off your shoulders. This is nice if yours is a small company, working only from the e-commerce side of the business and without a large team of businessmen. This is one less thing you have to handle on a daily basis, and the managed services team will be the ones to contact you in the case that something needs to be fixed or updated.

6. Peace of Mind
And finally, with managed services, there is peace of mind due to the advanced security of business and personal information. Your network and IT infrastructure become a much stronger and more secure shop for those customers knocking on your door every day. With managed services overlooking the security of your company and that of the customer.

Well, there is nothing better to see here than a sigh of deep relief with the word, “safety.” It’s easy to believe that the web platform purchased for your e-commerce site will support your network and that everything will walk safely from day-to-day, but the danger of collapse always exists. With the benefit of managed services from your internet or network vendor, the weight and worry of safety are off your shoulders.

In addition to these key advantages, there are so much more that have been presented by many suppliers who offer managed services as well. There is much to be known that you have the latest and greatest available at your fingertips when the IT and network for your business are in the hands of the managed services. With your key focus on the core business, there is no need to run around calling for network support when the slightest problem arises. All of those are taken care of for you. It’s time to be a business owner and let the IT professionals take care of their part alone.

By Brian O’Donnell, Vice President Marketing and Business Strategist of Attunix.



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