Fortumo launches bundling for VOD & TV network partnerships

Fortumo launches bundling for VOD & TV network partnerships
Fortumo launches bundling for VOD & TV network partnerships
 Fortumo launches bundling for VOD & TV network partnerships
Fortumo launches bundling for VOD & TV network partnerships.

On January 23 2018, Fortumo, a digital enabling platform for app stores and digital service providers aiding in user, acquisition, monetization and retention, announced the launch of an updated version of its Bundling Platform that opens up new partnership opportunities for video on demand (VOD) services on its platform. Thanks to the update, VOD providers can now partner up with satellite and cable TV networks for user acquisition and monetization through the Bundling Platform, according to the company.

“In emerging regions such as Southeast Asia, mobile phones are starting to replace TV as the first screen of choice for consumers. VOD providers have successfully tapped into the trend and for TV networks, collaborating with these new players will allow to drive their TV Everywhere strategy. Fortumo enables scale and simplicity for such partnerships by enabling rapid launches through one integration and platform,” said Martin Koppel, CEO & Co-Founder of Fortumo.

Over the past few years, smartphone ownership has grown to similar levels with TV ownership in both mature and emerging regions of the world. At the same time, TV consumption is limited due to its lacking physical reach. “Bundling brings benefits to both sides, with networks getting mobile presence and new original content from VOD providers, while the latter in turn gain access to a direct distribution channel straight into the homes of millions of people,” explained Martin Koppel.

Fortumo believes that its bundling platform enables VOD providers to use the identity of customers present on satellite and cable networks for authentication, provision marketing offers such as free trials to them and collect payments through broadband billing for premium content.

Key features of Fortumo’s Bundling Platform include:

● Soft, hard and white-label bundling support as well as reseller functionality in both online and offline environments

● Capability to offer discounts and free trials to users

● Support for a broad range of offer triggers and inbound channels including top-ups, promotional emails, targeted SMS messaging

● Full-cycle user authentication, validation, entitlement and activation management

● Consumer UI for on-boarding, activation and deactivation management

● Smooth transition from promotional offers to paid access through broadband and carrier billing

● Integration based on REST API, SMS, coupon code distribution or custom integration

● Scalable infrastructure to support seasonal and mass promotion campaigns

● Real-time analytics on bundling performance and reconciliation

According to Fortumo, it offers digital merchants a solution for customer lifecycle management: beside bundling, its platform includes the capability to collect payments from users through broadband and carrier billing, as well as customer communication (2FA, notifications and marketing) through SMS-based messaging. To service its merchants in a scalable manner, Fortumo has partnered with more than 350 mobile operators in 100+ countries across the world.

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