Citrix announces technology predictions for 2018

Global IT spending to grow 6.2 percent in 2018, says Gartner
Global IT spending to grow 6.2 percent in 2018, says Gartner. (Image source:
Citrix announces technology predictions for 2018
Citrix announces technology predictions for 2018.(Image source:

As we start the new year, it is time to look at new ways of working in 2018. As the predictions came in, an overarching theme emerged: The concept of how we work is changing dramatically and is largely driven by the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and ever-changing security threats.

There are four predominant technology predictions, to ensure that we don’t bombard you with too much information in one day, we will be sharing one prediction a day for the next four days.

Here are some 2018 technology predictions from Citrix:

Death of the password

  • 2018 will be the year where we see the death of the password. A wide variety of authentication methods will be introduced that will replace passwords including biometrics, behaviour analytics, and the like.
  • The amount of security breaches will accelerate to record heights which will force companies to abandon traditional passwords as a way to protect accounts.
  • Access to web pages and apps will become much more controlled to protect end users which will limit the viral nature of the web as we know it today.
  • Dark web concepts will be adopted by web apps to limit exposure.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools and platforms are getting easier to use and are thus becoming more pervasive. Both of these technologies will have a huge impact on the future of work and security.
  • Machines will be able to learn what’s normal and what’s not normal to predict and enable future automations or shutdown bad-actors in security use cases.
  • AI will not replace the need for human employees, but rather will give us an amazing opportunity to learn new skills and apply more strategic and meaningful actions to new roles.
  • Nothing will ever replace the importance of human creativity, empathy and innovation.

Internet of Things

  • Smart companies like Hermann Miller and Steelcase are using a design thinking approach to innovate and truly deliver products that are making the most of the potential for IoT.
  • 2018 may not see these types of innovations at scale but there is a potential that we all take a customer-centric approach and think about how IoT can make us more efficient in our day. 2019 is when we will really see these innovations take off!
  • IoT has huge potential for the workplace! The ability to cost-effectively leverage IoT to improve the quality of the workplace will become real, thereby improving efficiency and effectiveness of employees.
  • IoT will move from being seen as a security risk in the Enterprise, to becoming a critical part of an Enterprise’s security posture. Concepts, such as Bluetooth beacon technologies, GPS, biometrics, facial recognition and pervasive analytics on user behaviour, resulting in people getting access to the right things at the right time.

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