Wikipedia co-founder joins worlds first blockchain based encyclopedia

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Wikipedia co-founder joins worlds first blockchain based encyclopedia

Dr. Larry Sanger, the new CIO of Everipedia.

Everipedia, the world’s first encyclopedia on the blockchain, has announced that Wikipedia co-founder, Dr. Larry Sanger has joined the company’s executive team as Chief Information Officer. Dr. Sanger joins as the Everipedia team aims to build a new open source wiki network that decentralises the knowledge base by allowing every editor to become a stakeholder in the network.

Dr. Sanger is a recognised industry pioneer in the tech space, with deep experience in online encyclopedias and other knowledge projects. As a founder of Wikipedia, he was responsible for formulating much of its original policy, including the invention of the word “Wikipedia.” Additionally, he has served as editor-in-chief of Citizendium and has advised online encyclopedia projects, such as Ballotpedia. He received his doctorate in philosophy, with a specialization in epistemology from the Ohio State University.

“Blockchain technology is making exciting new things possible. I’m delighted to join this team which is poised to innovate on the Wikipedia model just as Wikipedia innovated on the Britannica model almost two decades ago. In an era of misinformation, the world stands to benefit enormously from a transparent, immutable and decentralized protocol for accessing and sharing knowledge,” Dr. Sanger said.

“We’ll not only make Everipedia more comprehensive than Wikipedia; in my role, I’ll help create a neutral framework enabling the world to find the best encyclopedia articles on every topic,” he added.

Everipedia also announced that they are working on a new peer-to-peer wiki network that adds an incentive structure and a distributed backend hosted within a blockchain. The new system rewards users with tokens for curating articles and allows everyone to become a stakeholder in the network through those tokens, which are pegged to the value of the network. The goal of the ecosystem is to democratise the traditional encyclopedia model and economically align the incentives of the value creators and value extractors. This model would make feasible a fully autonomous encyclopedia without the need for advertisements or donations.

“The Everipedia network provides a new paradigm change and knowledge economy to disrupt the old centralised Internet knowledge encyclopedia model. We are creating this network using the cutting-edge technology of software,” said Everipedia co-founder and CTO, Travis Moore.

“We’re thrilled to have Dr. Sanger on board as we roll out the world’s first decentralised encyclopedia that empowers users in a whole new way,” said Everipedia co-founder and CEO, Theodor Forselius. “With his added expertise, we look forward to amplifying Everipedia’s rapid growth and reputation as a reliable source of information by and for the people,” he concluded.

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