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Taxi Moto passenger to pay fares using mobile money platform in Rwanda

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Taxi Moto passenger to pay fares using mobile money platform in Rwanda
Taxi Moto passenger to pay fares using mobile money platform in Rwanda.

MTN Rwanda and Yego Moto Company, a new metered service have announced a partnership that will see Taxi moto customers pay their transport fares using mobile money services. The new deal will enable MTN Mobile Money subscribers to deposit money into their mobile wallets and use the telecom firm’s tap and pay platform to settle their taxi moto fares.

Yego Moto is a new technology system that allows taxi moto operators to charge passengers according to the distance covered.

MTN’s Chief Business Officer, Norman Munyampundu said that Yegomoto is changing the face of transport Moto industry in Rwanda and are glad to be part of that journey.

“Today is an important day, it is a day we are launching Yegomoto e-payment for motorcyclists. We are seeing how can as integrate Yegomoto services with MTN company. So that is the duty of the partnership with Yegomoto company. It will be easy for both the cyclists and passengers to pay,” said Munyampundu.

By April 2018 all the 15000 taxi motorcycles working in Kigali will be equipped with the Yegomoto GPS meters which is expected to negotiate over transport costs. Later, all the motorcycles working as commuter taxis will be using the same meters.

Karanvir Singh, Yego Innovation Chief Executive officer and Managing Director, said that with the partnership, Yego Moto devises will be used by all taxi motorcyclists in all towns.

“This is not for Kigali alone but for the entire country. So we had to find a partner that has coverage for the entire country. In terms of innovative services, we found that MTN was far ahead because if you look at mobile money exists but when you look at tap-and-go is only MTN that provides it with convenience. So from that perspective, we looked for a company that proactive and is willing to integrate with us to bring more and more innovation into this market,” he said.

He added that partnership with MTN is starting with Yegomoto but will go beyond that to be able to promote e-commerce.

MTN says that the partnership supports the country’s agenda of promoting a cashless payment system as a solution for public needs.

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