IT News Africa: Top Stories Of The Week

IT News Africa: Top Stories Of The Week
IT News Africa: Top Stories Of The Week
IT News Africa: Top Stories Of The Week
IT News Africa: Top Stories Of The Week.

This week was yet again filled with tech news stories that grabbed the headlines both across Africa and around the world.

The big news grabbing headlines worldwide was the rise in the price of Bitcoin, which surpassed the $10 000 mark for the first time.

In South Africa, MTN announced the adoption of a new data pricing model. Also in South Africa, BCX and GE announced that the companies will be forming an agri-tech partnership.

Also this week, we identified the top 10 African countries ranked by ICT development.

From all of us at IT News Africa, have a great weekend. The top stories of the week can be found below.


South Africa: BCX and GE announce agri-tech partnership
On Monday 27 November 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa, information and communications technology company, BCX, and digital industrial company, GE, announced a partnership aimed at providing end-to-end digital technological solutions to the agri-processing sector in South Africa. Read More.

Takealot rakes in R87 million on Black Friday
As Black Friday kicked off at Midnight on the 24th of November 2017, Takealot simultaneously kicked off their annual Blue Dot Sale, which ends on the 28th of November. The day started off badly for the e-commerce giants as its site crashed almost immediately after the clock struck 12:00. Even though it experienced its difficulties on the day, the company still raked in a staggering R87 million in gross merchandising value (GMV) by the days end. Read More.

Bitcoin surpasses the $10 000 mark
On Tuesday 28 November 2017, for the first time since the creation of Bitcoin in 2008, the cryptocurrency surpassed the USD $10 000 mark and it shows no signs of slowing down as it continues to climb towards $11 000. Read More.

MTN slashes out-of-bundle and data prices
On Thursday 30 November 2017, South African telecommunications company, MTN, announced two major developments which according to the company addresses the data price problem in South Africa. Read More.

Malawi Parliament calls for improved Mobile network coverage
Members of Parliament in Malawi have on Tuesday, 29 November 2017, called for improved mobile network coverage in areas of the country where coverage is limited. The members have condemned the irregular mobile network coverage in Malawi. Read More.

Top Opinions & Features

How online stores can take to stop the Grinch from stealing Christmas
The Christmas rush has started. The postal service warned South African residents that if they want their Christmas parcels sent abroad to arrive on time, they must have been sent by October – so they may already be too late. Read More.

The Robots will take our jobs so what’s next?
We’ve heard it all before. Robots ‒ those elusive job munchers ‒ are making their way to an office near you. And the message is clear: they are smarter than you, they are cheaper than you, and they won’t vie for the corner office… like you. If it’s not YouTube, it’s our friends at TED who splatter our screens with stats and remind us to stay afraid, very afraid of the imminent robopocalypse. After all, it’s not just the postmen and snow plowers and plumbers who face the dirge; the professionals in white coats and collars have reason to steady their knees when pit against the innovative power and pace of artificial intelligence. Read More.

Top 10 African countries ranked by ICT development
As the world heads into the 4th industrial revolution it has become more important than ever that African countries focus on their ICT development in order to improve digitalisation across the continent. Read More.

The crucial role of the cyber insurer
The role of the insurer has evolved over the years, from one who simply offers protection, to one that tailors solutions specific to the needs of individuals and businesses, and offers support should an event occur. This is particularly true in terms of cyber insurance, where organisations of all types and sizes, and even individuals in their personal capacity, are battling to come to terms with the slew of threats they are facing. Read More.

Banks that are not ready for digital disruption will struggle
The banking industry continues to experience disruption – by new players, new opportunities and new risks – influenced by a number of forces including Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Although some financial institutions such as Citi are using their APIs to open-up their data, processes and other business functionality to an ecosystem of customers, employees, third-party developers and vendors, many however are still entrenched in their traditional operating models. Institutions that are not ready for digital disruption will struggle in the years to come. Read More.

Gadgets and Gaming

The Sims 4 – Console Review
Originally developed by Maxis and The Sims Studio and published by Electronic Arts, The Sims 4 is the fourth major title in life simulation video game series, The Sims. While The Sims have always had a home on the PC, they have once again made their way to console via the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Read More.

Huawei launches MateBook range in South Africa
Huawei has launched a range of notebooks into South Africa. The range consists of the flagship MateBook X and the 2-in-1 MateBook E, which doubles up as a tablet and notebook. Read More.

HP Sprocket photo printer review
The HP Sprocket wireless printer is a portable instant device that prints photos from your smartphone. These kinds of printers have existed for a while, and although HP’s printer doesn’t create the highest quality images, the images are beautiful and great for keeping memories. The Sprocket comes in two standard colours, Black or White. Read More.

PlayStation PlayLink: The most fun you will have this Festive Season
The Festive Season is upon us and what better way to spend it than by playing games with the family. PlayStation’s PlayLink facility makes this possible by letting players connect their mobile phones to a PlayStation 4 console, via WI-FI, in order to play various, compatible PlayLink titles. Each title – which includes the likes of That’s You!, Hidden Agenda, Knowledge is Power, and SingStar Celebration – comes with its own application, which will need to be downloaded to a mobile device. This, in turn, turns the mobile phone into a controller. Read More.

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