Veza app launches in South Africa to replace business cards

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Veza app launches in South Africa to replace business cards
Veza app launches in South Africa to replace business cards.

Veza, a networking and business card replacement app, announced on Thursday 2 November 2017 that the app has launched in South Africa and is aiming to make it easier to follow up with new contacts from business events.

Many business executives who attend regularly attend conferences and networking events understand the struggles of dealing with those pesky business cards. The Veza app eliminates the need to exchange business cards, rather, a user hands their phone to their new acquaintance for them to fill in their details. The system then sends an auto-generated email to both people.

The co-founder of the company, Louise de Smedt, says that her experience of exchanging business cards at events is what drove the idea of the app. She highlighted the problem of those very business cards pilling up in a box of “still to be captured” details.

“Taking into account the effort and time which is involved in attending these events it seemed an inefficient way of collecting the details of these potentially valuable business connections,” de Smedt says.

While admitting that there are numerous scanning and QR code apps which have a similar function to Vesa, de Smedt says the key to Veza highlights the apps simplicity and the fact that it doesn’t require both parties to have a specific app installed on their device as the key factors which set it apart.

Veza is currently free to use, but de Smedt plans to operate on a freemium model, with two tiers of premium features such as CRM systems, photo capture ability, and branding customisation options charged at a monthly fee of either US$2 or US$5 depending on package selected.

The Veza Android app is available on the Google Play store.

Edited by Dean Workman
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