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South Africa: Taxify launches in Port Elizabeth

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South Africa: Taxify launches in Port Elizabeth
South Africa: Taxify launches in Port Elizabeth.

Taxify, a cab-hailing app much like Uber and Lift, has officially launched in Port Elizabeth. To celebrate, Taxify has suspended any surge pricing and is offering a huge -40% discount to riders during the month of November 2017. They will be launching with R3.60 per km vs. the usual R6 per km that has previously prevailed in the market.

Taxify takes only 15% commission from its drivers, which is up to half the commission taken by Uber and other ride-sharing platforms. The lower commission allows Taxify to offer lower prices for riders and more take-home pay for drivers. The service also allows drivers to create a defined radius for pickups, meaning they don’t need to stray too far from home.

According to the firm, happier drivers means a better quality service for riders: Taxify believes in treating its drivers with respect, allowing them to earn more than with other platforms and providing a range of safeguards and features that help them work in the way that suits them best. It also believes in providing exemplary customer service to riders, with a 24-hour fully-staffed customer service line and the option to pay in cash. Taxify already operates in 20 countries worldwide, and has seen huge success with its fairer, more transparent ride-sharing service.

Linda Mahloko, an Operations Manager at Taxify South Africa, comments: “Drivers can expect to earn at least 14% more when driving with Taxify compared to competitors. Taxify achieves this by offering bonus rewards to drivers in conjunction with lower prices to riders. Our focus as a company has always been providing our drivers with higher revenue-per-ride, as we’re firm in our belief that happy drivers means happy riders.”

Apart from its value-added price promotion, Taxify also focuses on keeping its Drivers and Riders safe in the current political climate of South Africa. This is achieved by strategically partnering with various key companies to aid both driver and rider to always feel safe when using Taxify.

The Taxify app is available now on iOS and Android.

By: Darryl Linington
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