Africa reacts to Mugabe’s resignation

Africa reacts to Mugabe's resignation
Africa reacts to Mugabe's resignation.
Africa reacts to Mugabe's resignation
Africa reacts to Mugabe’s resignation.

On Tuesday 21 November 2017, Robert Mugabe, the longtime president of Zimbabwe, resigned. His resignation came after a week-long struggle for power after the military in Zimbabwe implemented a coup.

Mugabe’s 37-year reign came to an end as he handed in a letter of resignation to parliament saying he wanted to ensure a peaceful transition, a week after army tanks descended on Harare.

The resignation came after Zimbabwe’s parliament convened on Tuesday in an effort to impeach Mugabe with all political parties and independent legislators pulling together towards their common goal, a Mugabe free Zimbabwe.

The meeting gathered so much interest that parliament had to be moved to the 5000-seater Harare International Conference Centre, and just before the day’s proceedings concluded Minister of Legal Affairs, Happyton Bonyongwe, arrived with the resignation letter.

“My decision to resign is voluntary on my part. My desire is to ensure a peaceful, non-violent transition,” read the letter by Mugabe, bringing an end to a tumultuous and turmoil-filled era in the country.

As the news started to emerge thousands of Zimbabweans, and thousands more from other Africa countries, began to celebrate the end of the 93-year-old’s presidency.

Many people took to Twitter to express their joy, here are the best reactions:

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