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Interview: Bravado Gaming unpacks the potentials of African eSports

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Interview: Bravado Gaming unpacks African eSports
Andreas Hadjipaschali, the CEO and Owner of Bravado Gaming.

IT News Africa spoke to Andreas Hadjipaschali, the CEO and Owner of Bravado Gaming, in an interview which looks to unpack the current climate of the African eSports scene.

Andreas started Bravado Gaming in 2006 and it has since developed into one of South Africa’s premiere multi-gaming organisation, with some of the best local and international competitive gamer athletes (#eSports) on their books. Bravado gaming has also looked to simultaneously build a lifestyle gaming brand, using that brand to try and develop African eSports on an International stage.

Bravado Gaming was the only team on the continent to qualify, play and perform in the majority of the international tournaments and competition as they look to advance their mission to represent the continent as the Face of African e-sports.

IT News Africa spoke to Andreas about the current climate of African eSports, if Africans can compete on the international stage, what improvements can be made, and what are the biggest challenges facing the industry.

Watch the full interview below:

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