Rwandan entrepreneurs offer free app development training

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ESET discovers vulnerability in a Cirque de Soleil mobile app.
Code for Good, app development
Three young technology entrepreneurs in Rwanda are providing free app development training.

Three technology entrepreneurs, Ildephonse Mungwarakarama, Theogene Niyonsenga and Jerome Habimana, have launched a programme to teach app development skills to young Rwandans. Code for Good aims to bring technology to youth in order to improve academic outcomes.

The programme is open to members of theen public who want to be trained in app development. This initiative is designed for high school students, graduates and unemployed youth below the age of 18. Interested individuals can register on the Code for Good website and the training will be conducted in the communities where people register. The training will be done by volunteer developers in these communities.

After completing the programme, the candidates will receive certificates and they will be expected to also pass on what they have learned to others to build a hi-tech community.

According to the Code for Good site, the programme will help youth work on industrial standards and put in practice what they learnt by giving back to the community (volunteering) through Open Source Software Development.

The Code for Good programme is also developing an Online Children’s Creative Writing and Reading Portal to involve parents, teachers and authors to engage and motivate children to read and write stories and poems themselves in their native language.

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