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ezTalks Meetings: Robust Video Conferencing & Web Conferencing

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ezTalks Meetings, video conferencing
ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd launched ezTalks Meetings a video conferencing software integrated with HD video conferencing.

Popular online video conferencing providers, ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd enables users to connect with individuals anytime anywhere. The company is dedicated to providing one-stop video conferencing solutions to make businesses of any size communicate and collaborate in a more productive and effective way.

ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd launched a video conferencing software that is integrated with HD video conferencing, screen sharing, remote control along with other robust features. The platform is applied extensively by all industries for online video meetings, presentations and webinars, etc. In the following, we will have a full review of ezTalks Meetings, exploring its key features and main advantages.

There are several robust features that come with this software, making it powerful and easy to use for you.

Key Features of ezTalks Meetings

1. Quick Access to Meeting

It is really easy to join a meeting using this amazing software. In fact, whenever an invitation is sent the customers to join the conference, they simply need to enter the meeting number along with their names and within just one minute they will be able to enter ezTalks Meetings.

2. Fantastic HD Video and Audio Quality

We are all aware of the fact that audio and video quality plays an essential role for any online conference and fortunately both of these are satisfied by ezTalks Meetings. As a matter of fact, 1920 * 1080p HD resolution is offered by the application, which provides awesome audio and video transmissions. However, it also offers other resolutions for you to choose one that will satisfy your requirements depending on your bandwidth.

3. Useful Screen Sharing

This is yet another feature that makes this software really outstanding by enhancing its productivity. You might want to present PowerPoint, PDF and Word files to your colleagues after working out a proposal draft, in order to get their ideas on finalizing them. All you will need is to start the incredible ezTalks Meetings, and then present your ideas to your co-workers and discuss with them. Also, you can find more screen sharing software for easy collaboration recommended by ezTalks.

4. Record the Conferences

ezTalks Meetings is capable of recording the whole meetings for you to check the details afterwards. After the conference is completed, you just need to click the “Stop” button and the video is going to be saved to your computer automatically. Following this, you can always send the video to the other participants whenever you feel like.

Although we do not have any idea regarding the maximum recorded time permitted, in case the meeting is quite long it will be saved automatically to different files. Therefore, ezTalks Meetings eliminates any reason to worry about the recording time.

5. Schedule Meetings

This amazing software makes it possible to organize a meeting beforehand and send an invitation to the participants. This will help to make sure that everybody has some sort of idea regarding the meeting beforehand. The organizer can also confirm those who are going to be the participants in the video conference.

When you click on “Schedule”, an email with the information regarding the meeting will be sent out to the participants. They will be able to understand everything regarding the conference by going through that email. You might select the participants from your “Contact” list or just enter any new email address directly.

6. Text Live Chat

Although it might appear that a video conferencing software will only require speaking face to face, sometimes text live chat is also required. It might happen that you need to send out several URLs or even text somebody in the conference privately without causing any disturbance to others. In that case, you need to text publicly or even privately to the participants.

7. Control Meeting Settings

Being the host of the conference, you have got the right to control it, lock it, mute anybody or even kick somebody out. Moreover, you can also use another person as a presenter when you require him to share the screen or the files from his end. All these features help to make ezTalks Meetings immensely popular at present.

Why ezTalks Meetings?
As a professional video conferencing solutions provider, ezTalks has made its software outstanding, ezTalks Meetings is one of them and it has increasingly gained popularity among business of all sizes. The software offers HD video conferencing plus unlimited meetings to remote colleagues, customers and suppliers. Irrespective of your devices, it is possible to connect to a video or audio conference call from a Mac, PC, Android or iOS gadget. Apart from these, there are still some other unique advantages of using ezTalks Meetings.

First, this breathtaking web conferencing software offers a free service with up to 100 participants, which makes it the first SaaS free service with such a large number of attendees in the market.

Second, since the service is absolutely free, you do not need to shell out any cash to try it out. In case you would like to have some more participants, there is the Premium plan available for you. This plan comes with different options for you to select, which is scalable to the growth of your business.

Last but not the least, ezTalks Meetings offers so many powerful features as we analysed above, but it has a relatively lower price. Besides its free service, the Premium plan is only starting at $12.99, with more robust video conferencing features than the Free plan. In this way, ezTalks Meetings is highly cost-effective, which is beneficial to enterprises, especially for startups or small businesses.

The review can be concluded by mentioning that ezTalks Meetings is undoubtedly one of the most effective and easy-to-use video conferencing applications on the market. This particular software will allow you to start or join a conference quickly and conveniently. Businesses of any level will absolutely enjoy a smoother communication and improved collaboration and by using ezTalks Meetings. If you are looking for any web conferencing tool, don’t think twice and go for ezTalks Meetings which will surely not disappoint you.

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