Microsoft brings Azure to Africa

Mark Russinovich, CTO at Microsoft.
Mark Russinovich, CTO at Microsoft.
Mark Russinovich, CTO at Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft has announced that it will deploy two hyperscale data centres in Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa.

Speaking at the final day of the VeeamON 2017 annual customer and partner conference, Mark Russinovich, CTO Microsoft Azure said, “Up until yesterday, we had 30 regions from around the world and 34 operational, this morning we announced two more in South Africa, we are the first public cloud in Africa. This brings our regions up to 40. We are reaching the global workforce, the global marketplace, global businesses and being able to take Azure to it is needed”.

During the final presentation, Microsoft together with Veeam announced some of their solutions that aim to help businesses deliver a digital life experience to users. Some of these solutions include Veeam Disaster Recovery in Microsoft Azure which combines capabilities of Veeam Direct Restore, Veeam PN simplify and automate disaster recovery in Azure

“Digital transformation is something that businesses are going to take time to do. There’s going to be certain parts of businesses that will need to transform and other parts that need to continue to operate the way there are other parts of the business will move into the cloud,” said Russinovich.

“Microsoft is committed to being a great partner for that journey that businesses are making,” she added.

Microsoft has stated that deployment will start immediately, with general availability a year from now; Some services are expected to go live with early adopters in the first half of next year. The multinational currently has data centres in 38 regions and this will now be increased to 40. They will have a programme in place to assist customers in migrating services and data from offshore zones to the South African facilities.

New regions will offer both Azure’s suite of cloud computing tools for developers as well as productivity tools like Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

Fundisiwe Maseko