Lamborghini goes hi-tech

Lamborghini is looking towards tech to gain an edge on competitors.
Lamborghini is looking towards tech to gain an edge on competitors.
Lamborghini is looking towards tech to gain an edge on competitors.

The upper echelon of performance super cars is flush with ground-breaking technology and materials – having that slight technological edge over the competition improves weight distribution, boosts performance and the overall driving experience. When it comes to delivering an experience unlike any other, the hidden tech makes all the difference.

Lamborghini has long been known for designs that would not look out of place in the space age, with flamboyant styling, loud engines, bright colours and ‘silly’ doors. While other super car manufacturers opt for more subtle statements Lamborghini always comes out boldly, pushing the boundaries of technology and the imagination. In the last five years, Lamborghini has quietly and rather spectacularly transformed into a place where top-tier engineering and technology are as important as huge engines and crazy designs.


To ensure driver safety every car comes with the standard features you can expect in a super car such as F1-style pushrod suspension, keyless ignition and all the traction control packages to keep you on the road. But Lamborghini isn’t interested in the kind of tech you find in executive sedans.

For over thirty years, Lamborghini has been developing carbon fibre technology and applying it to the automotive field, through an international research effort that also includes the Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory (ACSL) in Seattle. Through this partnership Lamborghini has opened up new vistas for composite materials, thus reaffirming its position as the leading car maker in carbon fibre research.

Carbon fibre is well-known all over the world but what does this mean for your exclusive driving experience? Lamborghini’s cutting edge composite materials means that greater structural integrity is achieved at a lower weight which increases acceleration, quickens the steering response and delivers a more finely tuned visceral driving experience.


Lamborghini’s ground-breaking collaboration with the world of modern aeronautical engineering can be seen in every aspect of their super cars – the stealth jet styling serves as the visual aspect of Lamborghini’s entire design and manufacturing process.

The hidden weapon for the all new Huracán Performante is what Lamborghini calls their Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva (ALA) system. ALA is a smart and innovative system that manages active aerodynamics. ALA adapts to the driving style and type of route, constantly adjusting airflow around the car to ensure maximum performance at every moment while keeping you safe. When necessary, it increases vertical load to assist stability and speed through curves, or it reduces aerodynamic resistance to assist acceleration. The beauty of ALA is in its simplicity – it simply uses the air around the car to create an integrated performance system with its environment.

By consistently investing in the research and development of new composite materials and systems through meaningful and strategic partnerships with other industry leaders Lamborghini creates technology for the future without being hampered by the constraints of what is currently available. Lamborghini has never been too concerned with what the competition is doing but rather strives to realize a vision and create a feeling that no other super car manufacturer can. This is why Lamborghini’s technology is a cut above the rest – as industry leaders they are always a step ahead.

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