Smart e-commerce platform launched in Nairobi

KOKO launches first Network in Kenya.
KOKO Networks has announced the Nairobi launch of its technology platform in Urban Africa.
KOKO Networks has announced the Nairobi launch of its technology platform in Urban Africa.

KOKO Networks, a tech platform that connects suppliers, retailers and consumers has launched their technology in Nairobi. The first KOKO offering will be  SmartCook, a cooking solution that has a 2 burner stove with reusable smart fuel canister that can be docked and refilled at KOKOpoints- which are a network of physical, cloud-connected e-commerce kiosks. KOKOpoints display targeted video ads, incentivised surveys, or promotional offers for SmartCook or other brands that have purchased advertising services from KOKO.

The KOKOpoints are placed in super markets and there is an interactive touchscreen on each KOKOpoint which enables mass-market consumers to learn about, purchase, and make delivery of a wider range of products and services than is typically available from such shops.

KOKOpoints contain a wide range of electronic sensors that enable the technical health, fuel inventory levels, video advertising inventory and other data points from across the city to be tracked closely at the KOKO Network Operations Centre.

The platform can handle all payment and supply chain management functions, in a bid to ensure the seamless movement of money and goods between suppliers, shopkeepers and customers.

Customers pay electronically for their purchases – via mobile money, or through a range of payment options arranged with third-party lenders. Once an order is placed, KOKO’s systems ensure that delivery from the supplier to the local shop is completed in less than 24 hours. Customers then pick up their KOKO package at their convenience from the shop location, using a unique digital code sent to their phone.

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