Google trains 1 million Africans in digital skills in less than a year

March 15, 2017 • Education, Top Stories

Bunmi Banjo, Growth Engine & Brand Lead, Sub-Saharan Africa.

Bunmi Banjo, Growth Engine & Brand Lead, Sub-Saharan Africa.

Google has announced today that the 1 million milestone in its Digital Skills programme has been reached. The company had on 16 April last year committed to training 1 million Africans on digital skills within a year. Google reached its target early, and has set itself to train even more Africans in digital skills in the coming year.

The company has further extended their commitment to the Digital Skills programme by assisting local communities further in several ways. First, Google will provide offline versions of its online training materials to reach individuals and businesses in low access areas where it is unable to hold physical training sessions. Additionally, Google will provide offline versions of the content in languages like Swahili, IsiZulu and Hausa.

“We’ve been committed for years to help local businesses thrive online, as they are meaningful and crucial partners in our economy,” says Google South Africa country director Luke Mckend. “Through our different initiatives, a number of small businesses have been helped. Our tools and technologies are simply enablers for anyone who wants to build a global business to connect with new customers or share their creations. Whether it’s a dressmaker who plans on expanding worldwide through the tools technology provides them, or a content creator finding hundreds of thousands of viewers on YouTube, we hope this helps them grow.”

The Digital Skills programme offers 89 courses through the online portal, and Google works with 14 training partners covering more than 20 countries to offer face-to-face training. The programme will also be addressing needs for small business owners, who are looking to better understand how to take advantage of the web across Africa. Google will add web-focused skills training for SMEs across Africa as part of this initiative.

“Having 1 million digitally skilled young people in Africa is good for everyone. If young people have the right skills, they’ll build businesses, create jobs and boost economic growth across the continent,” says Bunmi Banjo, Growth Engine & Brand Lead, Sub-Saharan Africa. “As we expand this initiative to hard to reach areas across the continent, we hope to see more impact in everyday lives of Africans.”

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