Twitter hashtags propel mass protest in Nigeria

February 7, 2017 • General, Top Stories, West Africa

Widespread protests across Nigeria.

Widespread protests across Nigeria.

The current climate in Nigeria is a turbulent one to say the least. Fuelled by an economic recession and uncertainty over the health of current president Muhammadu Buhari, citizens of Africa’s most populous country have taken to the streets to vent their frustrations.

In Nigeria, there are three distinct protest movements being propelled by the following twitter hashtags- #IStandWithTuface,#EnoughisEnough and IStandWithNigeria.

The second protest movement has come out in support of the current government under the name #IStandWithBuhari. This movement has however been plagued by rumours of protesters being paid to back the government..

#IStandWithNigeria calls on Nigerians to unite in order to save the country. They believe that all Nigerians should work for Nigeria in order for Nigeria to work for them.


Dean Workman



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