MWC 2017 : Digital Transformation accelerates business success

February 27, 2017 • Digital Transformation, Top Stories

Huawei Hall at the MWC 2017 in Barcalona.(image: Huawei)

Huawei Hall at the MWC 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.(image: Huawei)

The Global Digital Transformation Forum, held on the eve of Mobile World Congress 2017, has become a highly-anticipated MWC kick-off event that defines some of the key themes and trends affecting technology growth. Huawei Technologies has united the industry’s greatest minds in exploring ways to sustainable growth in a common ecosystem of opportunities and profits. This year focused on sharing on four of the biggest themes: 5G Innovation, ROADS to New Growth, Network Value Maximization and Operations Transformation.

The sessions provided a platform for operators to share industry-wide challenges, strategies, and best-practice digital solutions. The industry’s greatest minds were united in exploring ways to sustainable growth in a common ecosystem of opportunities and profits.

A two-pronged approach is needed to help operators accelerate their digital transformation. The present is all about maximizing network value, which increases revenue and guarantees sustainable business growth. The future will be facilitated by Huawei Technologies’ pipe advantage, which opens up new avenues, makes video a basic service, and builds cloud-based B2B services. Cloudification is the most effective strategy for industry and business digitalization, and it supports 5G development.

GSMA executives, LG U+ & LG Group consultants, and IDC analysts shared opportunities for new growth. Leaders from global operators such as Turkcell, China Telecom, Altibox, and TM Net also discussed their challenges and experiences in capitalizing on new growth markets.

President of Huawei’s Carrier Business Group Zou Zhilei said, “In the digital era, video and cloud are powerful engines for operators to drive new growth. An open ecosystem is key to achieving success”

About 5G Innovation, regulatory agencies including ITU, 3GPP, and OFCOM reached agreements on unifying standards, implementing spectrum collaboration, accelerating 5G standardization, and driving the entire industry to focus on 5G technology innovation. processes.

On maximizing network value GSMA illustrated sustainable development in emerging markets using Latin America as an example. Operators from regions including Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Middle East shared their experiences in the deployment of home broadband networks, the construction of urban sites, indoor digitalization and fixed network modernization. They discussed how to fully exploit the value of their existing networks to form a powerful cycle of service development and network construction.

With all eyes on this defining event, over 600 decision-makers, thought leaders and strategists from governments, telecom operators, international bodies and research firms come together to pin down what Digital Transformation will mean for businesses in 2017 and beyond.

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