Style meets Innovation with new Jogba earbuds by Walton Blank

Jogba earbuds by Walton Blank


A truly limitless future where complexity, wires and bulkiness are a thing of the past. This is what inspired the team behind Jogab to create a brand for next generation products.

Their first product launch, Jogab wireless earbuds, looks to transform the way that people use earbuds making them the ideal choice for any type of user. Whether you are training, swimming, dancing, driving or talking on the phone, the Jogab earbuds by Walton Blank will work for you.

There are many problems with current earbuds, “tangled wires, ugly design, bad fit and a bad battery life are only some the reasons why we began creating Jogab,” according to Gabi Zaya, co-founder of Walton Blank.

Made from 3D-printed moulds which were tested on hundreds of ears has produced a truly astonishing result, where one size fits all. Run, jump, climb or flip, uncomfortable design and bad fit are a thing of the past.

Combined with intelligent design, Jogab is waterproof. Shower while listening to your favorite song, take a run in the rain or even go for a swim the possibilities are endless. With a built in micro phone which enables you to make calls and voice commands directly from your ear. A touch board enables you to play, pause, change songs and even adjust volume, giving you the ultimate audio experience all without taking your phone out of your pocket.

The Swedish minimalist design makes the earbuds perfect for any occasion and with a charging case to match. The charging case has a 900mah battery allowing for six recharges which gives you an astonishing 35 hours of functionality before a plug is needed. Perfect for people who are always on the go or even those whose simply don’t like to constantly recharge their earbuds.

Walton Blank are just at the beginning of a limitless living which they have been working towards for a number of years, where minimalist design meets the latest in technology innovation. Become a member of their community and follow their journey on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Watch the commercial for the new Jogba earphones here:

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By: Staff Writer