Social media reacts to SA “War Room” Scandal

Twitter announce new update to tackle abusive tweets. (image: Shutterstock)
The #Paid Twitter was trending for close to 24 hours after the "War Room" scandal was published. (image: Shutterstock)
The #Paid Twitter was trending for close to 24 hours after the “War Room” scandal was published. (image: Shutterstock)

A scandal that implicates a number of South African politicians has been trending on Twitter since yesterday. This comes after Sihle Bolani, a Public Relations strategist took the African National Congress (ANC), South Africa’s ruling party to court, claiming that the party owed her R2.2 million for public relations services she rendered during the municipal elections in 2016.

According to a report by amaBungane, the ANC had planned to spend R50 million on a campaign known as “War Room”, targeting opposition parties. The campaign was aimed at undermining opposition parties by amongst others, producing fake opposition party posters. Other tactics of “War Room” included a news website, a talk show and social media.

According to News24, a fake news site named The New South African was created as part of this campaign, which claimed to be a “platform for new voices offering a different perspective of South Africa”.

Political activist Shaka Sisulu, the grandson of anti-apartheid leader Walter Sisulu was allegedly on “Advisory Team” behind the campaign.

Twitter users did not shy away from sharing their thoughts and opinions on this:

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