Dell EMC launches ProDeploy Client Suite

January 11, 2017 • Top Stories

Dell EMC rolls out new services to help organizations deploy PCs with greater speed, less effort and more control.

Dell EMC rolls out new services to help organizations deploy PCs with greater speed, less effort and more control.

Dell EMC has launched a ProDeploy Client Suite with three different service levels, training and certification. The suite enables customers the flexibility to choose the specific service to meet their needs. In addition customers are assigned an engagement manager to manage and receive access to TechDirect.

“Our differentiated services are a big reason customers buy from Dell. ProDeploy Client Suite provides IT managers the flexibility to outsource time-consuming deployment tasks that divert IT staff from more critical initiatives,” said Jeff Clarke, Dell vice chairman, Operations and president, Client Solutions Group. “They can now focus on delivering a great end-user experience and increase productivity by putting a fully- configured system in their employees’ hands.”

ProDeploy Client Suite:

  • Basic Deployment: Systems are prepared for deployment and arrive with the image loaded, BIOS configured and asset tag applied.
  • ProDeploy: In addition to the Basic Deployment features, a deployment engineer develops an implementation plan covering all aspects of installation and configuration of hardware and system software, 24/7 onsite installation and post-deployment knowledge transfer. Customers can also use the ImageAssist tool to quickly create, deploy and maintain a single cross-platform dynamic image. In third-party testing, ImageAssist took up to 88% less customer administration time than manual image creation.3
  • ProDeploy Plus: This end-to-end service addresses every task required to get new PCs from the factory to desk, up and running fast. In addition to the ProDeploy features, ProDeploy Plus customers can use Dell Connected Configuration to set up a factory distribution point for their Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to securely configure BIOS, image and domain join, which lowers onsite effort. They also receive data migration with secure data wipe of legacy systems, training credits to use at any time, 30-day post-deployment support, and a dedicated ProSupport Technical Account Manager.4 ProDeploy Plus can help reduce the amount of time it takes to deploy PCs by 35%1 and save up to $620 per PC deployed.2

“Dell EMC is committed to delivering world-class services that provide customers with choice, flexibility and scale,” said Doug Schmitt, president, Dell EMC Services. “ProDeploy Client Suite furthers our tradition of continuous innovation by providing customers with new solutions that help them get the most value from their Dell technology. The suite’s powerful combination of expertise, automation and control empowers IT resources and gives end-users the ability to use their systems straight out of the box.”

Expertise and automation make a difference:

Trained Dell EMC and partner experts equipped with tools deliver the ProDeploy Client Suite to shift the deployment experience from labor-intensive to light-touch. From day one, customers are assigned an engagement manager who handles every aspect of the deployment – monitoring activity, coordinating resources and providing assistance with any issues or questions.

Deployment projects are set up and managed through TechDirect, a self-service portal that allows customers and partners to easily and confidently direct deployment projects, from defining the scope, to making changes, to configuring systems or checking status. Projects can be executed faster and with less risk of mistakes, making the entire engagement more efficient and effective.

The ProDeploy Client Suite also fully enables Dell EMC channel partners with a framework designed to supplement their capabilities, grow services revenue and deliver the best possible deployment experience to their customers. Partners have the flexibility to resell or co-deliver deployment services. With training and certification accessed through TechDirect, partners who attain the Deployment Services Competency by passing the corresponding exam gain access to Dell EMC methodologies and tools while becoming eligible to co-deliver ProDeploy Plus and ProDeploy.


ProDeploy Client Suite is available for Dell Latitude, OptiPlex and Precision systems across 70 countries. For more details on service availability, visit the ProDeploy website.

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