Vodacom: IoT critical to the future of business success in Nigeria

Rudi Matjokana returns to Vodacom
Rudi Matjokana returns to Vodacom

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to transform business operations and maximise efficiency across all sectors. With the increased interest in adoption and growth in the number of connected “things” across Africa.

According to Tony Smallwood, Vodacom’s Executive Head of IoT, “IoT drives digital transformation, helping businesses to remain relevant in today’s digital world. Overall, 63% of adopters say they have seen “significant” ROI from adopting IoT”. Smallwood revealed this during his keynote address on understanding IoT applications in strengthening digital business in Nigeria at the recently concluded NigeriaCom ICT Leaders Forum.

By 2020, more than seven billion people and businesses, and over 30 billion devices, will be connected to the internet. The question is no longer about the adoption of IoT but rather its application to drive business success. “We have an ecosystem of partners who specialise in specific aspects of IoT integration, who have deep knowledge in their respective industries. In collaboration with our partners we are able to easily integrate an entire value chain for our customers, small or big”, Smallwood explains.

From Consumer goods, to Finance, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Health, there is no industry that has not been impacted by the potential of the Internet of Things. IoT solutions securely provide a view of critical systems, keeping businesses in control and reducing costs across all operations. Linking almost any type of remote machine or devices to critical information systems and collating real-time data can help to increase visibility throughout the supply chain. Vodacom’s IoT solutions support wireless payment devices and e-readers, energy usage and smart metering, chilling cabinets, goods and remote asset monitoring systems and community health management solutions.


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