Microsoft unveils first ever desktop: Surface Studio

Panos Panay, VP for Surface Computing (

Panos Panay, VP for Surface Computing (
Panos Panay, VP for Surface Computing (

Microsoft announced the launch of the first desktop computer to be produced by Microsoft, the Surface studio. The device was unveiled at their event held in New York in October. According to ZD Net the Surface Studio is a multi-purpose device. It can be used for drawing, typing and drafting. The surface studio also folds down like a near-flat users desk made possible by its “zero gravity hinge”.

Said to bring competition to the Apple iMac and Mac Pro, the Surface Studio has a Surface Dial. The Surface Dial is a radial surface input device that is like a mouse wheel. It is a life saver for graphic designers and those using a pen.


According to ZD Net Surface Studio boasts a 4.5k Ultra HD touchscreen at just 12.5 mm which Microsoft claims is the thinnest LCD monitor ever built. The picture display is impressive delivering 13.5 pixels per inch which is 63% more than a 4K television. The system also boasts a 2TB hard drive. The device also features a mic array, an HD Camera, and Windows Hello support. Another feature may be a fiducial marker, which is placed on top of the display, to provide a context-sensitive input option. It can be used for selecting colours in a painting app, or rotating a canvas


The Surface studio could set you back about $2 999 to $3 999.

Although Microsoft has not announced the release day for its African market, the Surface Studio is available for pre-orders in America from November.

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